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Welcome to Day 2 of 'Let's Take a Trip'! We are looking forward to visiting lots of interesting places this week. Why not join in the fun and be a tour guide? Simply do a travel post and send me the link (by e-mail or as a comment). I will display all travel links at the bottom of my post every day. Enjoy the tour!

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Newfoundland was never on my priority list of places to visit...but six years ago we found ourselves on a vacation on Canada's east coast, and spent one wonderful week in Newfoundland.

It was like nothing I would have ever expected...and was rather like visiting a foreign country. Even the dialect is so different than that to which I am accustomed...I had a hard time understanding the folks out in the country. But the people are so friendly...and warm...and welcoming...that we felt at home there from the start. 'Tis the Newfie way, me friend!'

We spent a few days in the St. John's area......it's where Canada begins (or so the sign says!).

We strolled the downtown streets with their colourful houses...and checked out the famous George's Street during the day (it is famous for it's night life).

The tradition of brightly painted houses began so that the men could find their own home when they came in from the sea.

We spent some time on Signal Hill, which rises 160 meters above the narrow approach to St. John's harbour. It was here where the British forces defeated the French in 1762...the last battle between the two countries in North America. From here we had a wonderful view of the area!

One night we joined the masses up on the hill to view the famous cruise ship which was in the harbour on it's maiden voyage...Madonna was reportedly on board. The ship was called The World and is the first resort ship which continually navigates the world...all suites on board are privately owned. So we watched as The World sailed out of St. John's, Newfoundland on a warm September evening in 2002.

We had bakeapple (cloudberry) pie at a quaint little eatery...and tried out some of their traditional dishes. What we found most interesting was that every restaurant menu had a 'fried bologna' entree. That seemed to be a gourmet dish over there...I recall having fried bologna on occasion as a kid and it was always a meal of 'last resort'.

We visited quaint fishing villages with names like Heart's Delight, and Heart's Content, Come by Chance, Petty Harbour...

...and Quidi Vidi Village (pronounced Kitty Vitty). In this village we toured the Mallard Cottage, which is the oldest known wood structure in North America.

Everywhere along the coast we saw remnants of the fishing trade...abandoned boats, containers and lobster traps.

We took a boat tour through Witless Bay where we viewed Atlantic Puffins...the largest sea bird colony in North America.

From there we drove to Cape Spear, which is the site of Newfoundland's oldest surviving lighthouse (built in 1835). It is also the easternmost point in north America.

Next we travelled west across the province...stopping here and there, and always staying at B & B's for night. That was the most wonderful experience! The people are so friendly...and we definitely felt like we had stepped back into another era.

At one B&B we were greeted by a young gal, who showed us around...and explained that the owners were away for the weekend, but we should make ourselves at home and she would be back to cook our breakfast in the morning. I asked about a key, since we planned to go out that evening. A key? That seemed to be a foreign concept over there...the house was never locked! We were guests in a home...the host was away and entrusted us with all she had. It blew us away!

Trinity Bay was a most interesting stop. The Portuguese sailed into this harbour in 1501...and we saw tombstones that dated back many centuries. Trinity was also the filming location for the movie 'Shipping News'...which I watched for that reason alone.

We spent some time in Gander...toured the aviation museum...and saw the town which had been thrust into the spotlight one year earlier. In the aftermath of the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11, thirty-eight jetliners en route to the US were diverted to Gander. What happened over the next four days will forever stand as a testimony to the hospitality and generosity of the people of this area.

We passed by rocky rivers...and scrubby forests growing on rock...and houses built on rocks...and realized that lawns and gardens on this island were truly a luxury!

We saw clothes on washlines blowing in the breeze...lovely old cemeteries on the ocean shore...and open air concerts of Newfie music on warm summer night.

On Newfoundland's west coast, we visited Gros Morne National park......and Lobster Cove Lighthouse...

...before leaving this strange and wonderful island which is part of our country!

We have many wonderful memories...and a few souvenirs to remind us of our time on 'the Rock'. We purchased a CD by a local Newfoundland band...and it has been a favorite over these past years. The grandkids love to sing along at the top of their lungs..."It's good to see you...to be in your home". And hubby brought back a few souvenirs of his own...a parking ticket from St. John's...and a speeding ticket from the Province of Newfoundland. He goes to great lengths to make memories!

It may be a little off the beaten track...and it might not be your dream destination...but if you ever have the opportunity to explore Newfoundland, you'll be so glad you did!

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  1. I'll be back to follow every link today at some point. I most enjoyed your trip to Newfoundland. Great descriptions to complement the wonderful photos. I had to laugh over your B&B experience as my mother tells of a similar one.

    I am loving this tour!

  2. Great tour of Newfoundland Judy, it is one of my desires to visit the eastern coast one day.
    I love B&B's..always a unique experience.

  3. How nice of you to think to post pictures of your travels so we can enjoy it too...lovely country, Canada...

  4. Oh my. . . I'm going to get the travelling bug for sure. I seems like such a beautiful place. Your pictures are amazing Judy. You do such a good job of capturing the feel of a town.
    I'm still trying to think. . where I could take you. . not far I'm afraid.

  5. Judy, I am just loving every step of your travels - and those of everyone.

    I've never been to Canada, but it will happen one day. Every place you show us is just gorgeous.

  6. You make this destination sound so interesting, maybe we need to organize a Bloggers Tour.
    Now wouldn't that be great fun???

    I love B&B, so much valuable insight and usually they are so hospitable.

  7. Wow.. loving the tours so far this week. Great idea Judy.

    I've joined in on the fun today.

    Napa Valley California

  8. What an excellent post! The photos are beautiful and your writing is, too!

    I've dreamed of visiting Newfoundland and now feel almost like I've been there with you! I never knew its nickname is "Newfie"!

    I've been enjoying the other travel links, too. Thanks for doing this!

  9. What a great trip Judy. That is one place we want to go yet as a family...how will we fit this all in to the next one or two years! Great shots. I have a 'nuefie' I car pool with sometimes and she is a riot! She sure makes me want to go and visit the locals there.

    See ya on Wednesday with another post on this tour...mine just goes on and on and on! :)

  10. Vee invited me to join along...

    A Day Trip to Giverny


    Thanks for the tours. I will check them all out tomorrow!

  11. Judy, thank you so very much for your tour idea! I'm loving it! I will probably never get to Newfoundland, but now I can say I've taken a tour thanks to you!


  12. I visited Newfoundland once, for a day, as we were on a cruise that went from NYC to Novas Scotia and Quebec. We stopped in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. It was a very friendly town, and the poeple were lovely. I bought some hand knits and homemade jellies. The scenery was so pretty! I'd love to go back someday.

    Hugs, Pat

  13. That is so beautiful! I love all your pictures. What a wonderful place to go.

    I can't wait to take more trips!

  14. Thank you for sharing your wonderful post of our province! There is a company here that packages such trips to NL, with stops at B&B's across the province, car rental with unlimited kms, attractions, etc. (www.maxximvacations.com)
    The B&B's are really a great way to truly learn the culture, not to mention a great way to enjoy some delicious food! The summer is beautiful here and I know everyone would find this province to be the perfect vacation and escape from everyday hustle and bustle!

  15. Yay!!! Nfld!!! I love my home!!! I love your pictures :) :)
    Yes, nobody locks their doors back home. And yeah, everyone is friendly arent they! Thats what I miss!! Edmonton has never been home to me..people are just not the same here as they are back home. Im a newfie true and true. As the old saying goes "you take the girl of the rock but ya cant take The Rock out of the girl" :) :)
    (we named our son after Newfoundland! His name is Rocko :) :)
    candy :)


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