Friday, May 1, 2009

Miss May Day 2009

Today is the first day of May...known as May Day...and celebrated as the festival of spring around the world.

Let me introduce you to my own little 'Miss Mae'...

...who came with me to frolic in the flowers yesterday afternoon.

The sun was shining...and I made the short trek east of town to the Tulips of the Valley Festival. It is an amazing sight...and all the more fun in good company.

Heidi and Miss Maelyn joined me on the outing...

...and Maelyn was quite intrigued by the tulips and the colours......but not in the least bit interested in looking at Grammy who was behind the camera.

As we left the tulip fields...I wondered aloud if we should maybe stop by and see Maelyn's daddy...since I knew he worked somewhere in the general vicinity. Heidi thought it was a good idea...and we arrived at Tim's place of employment just as his day was ending. He was thrilled to see us, of course...and offered to take me on a tour of his work site. He's been a busy boy these past few years...working towards the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. I'll take you back one of these days...and tell you a little about it...once I have it cleared with the powers that be.

Have a wonderful weekend...and be sure to get out there and enjoy the season!

May Day's here, May Day's here,
Sun shines bright, sun shines bright.
Birds and butterflies are in flight,
Blooming flowers--such a sight!
Everything feels just right.
May Day's here!
...kristine wagoner


  1. oh Judy .. what beautiful pictures. . .I just love all of them. .but especially the last one. . holding a baby is wonderful on you.
    Happy Miss May Day. . .2009. . .and many many more.

  2. I was thinking as I pressed the publish button. .that you should take little miss may there every year to the very same spot for a photo together.. how precious would that be. . .something unique and special for the two of you.

  3. oh, Maelyn melts my heart, she is such a doll! Can't wait to meet her! And how beautiful are those flowers!? Can't believe I've never gone out to see them before...

  4. What a photo shoot! What a perfect Day! What a great family!
    Piecing things together in such a creative way.
    I love her dress. I want me a grandgirl now!!!

  5. Those tulips really say 'spring' don't they? Gorgeous colours, gorgeous baby.

  6. I love these pics..gorgeous baby, Mom and Grammy among the flowers.

  7. Man, I'm telling you, the beauty of those flower fields! Though Maelyn is overwhelmed by the beauty, I do notice that she is quite inclined to her mama's voice. ;>

  8. What beauty you've shared, Judy! What a lovely little Mae on May Day! I'll be out looking for my May Pole so I can attach the ribbons and do my little dance!

  9. Gorgeous- both the tulips and Mae! What a treat just to take it all in! Thanks for sharing.

  10. The tulip festival looks amazingly beautiful and your little Miss Mae is so precious. Love the pictures of her sitting amongst the tulips.

  11. Beautiful! And those flowers aren't bad either :)

  12. Your little Miss Mae is precious! The photos you took are beautiful. We took a drive out to Tulip Mania 2 times last week. Enjoyed the flowers and the HUGE bouquets we picked to bring home with us...the proceeds went to a good cause. We've been enjoying the sunshine too. Kathy

  13. Judy! these are all such glorious shots. All the ladies and the babies are a great touch for those tulips!!

  14. This looks like what I imagine Heaven to look like...thank you for a "feast for the eyes."
    BB from Ga

  15. What beautiful photos of your little one, and of course the tulips too!

  16. I agree !! Beautiful photos, and my favorite too is the last one! the color of those tulips is soooo rich !!!
    Babies and flowers! perfect conbination!

  17. Judy, that was such a beautiful post. What a sweet baby and that name... Beautiful!

  18. These photo's are amazing and what a beautiful baby!! I have been told I have to go and visit the bluebells near where we live and these photo's have inspired me to go. Thanks for youe lovely comment on my blog.

  19. I have never seen anything like that. Going to see the tulip fields is definately on my list of things to do.

  20. What fantastic photos! Each could win a prize! It must be so wonderful to be surrounded by such beauty.
    Maelyn is a doll -- she is getting so big!

    Happy May!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson