Monday, September 7, 2009

get the picture?

What could I possibly be looking at? It actually took a few seconds to register....

...and then came the moment of truth...and despair.

Let me lay it out for you...

...and you will see quite clearly what it was that I saw at that moment. How was it that my beloved camera lay in a thousand pieces in the bottom of a bag? It took me a moment to figure it all out.

I had it from good sources that there was something 'picture worthy' happening over at the farm...come with the camera. And so I did...only to discover I was too late...and the photo op was over. So I took my camera...and the John Deere lawn mower...and drove back to our place with intentions of mowing the lawn. On arriving at our yard...I laid the camera on the tractor seat...unhooked the trailer and fastened the blower bags. The tractor was idling....and actually rolled ahead several feet during this time. I didn't realize the camera had jiggled off...and the tractor rolled right over it. In fact...I totally forgot about the camera...jumped on the seat and turned on the mower. There was an awful that of a Canon being shot into the blower a thousand pieces. I shut everything down...having no idea what just happened.

And then...the awful moment of truth!

Here is a question that I am now pondering. 'How much is too much to spend on a hobby?' This blogging is getting a little costly! The quality of photos you see on 'My Front Porch' may just deteriorate over the next I will be using my spare Canon...while I save up my shekels to replace the one I have been forced to part with. Bloggers are quite attached to their parting does not come easy! Sigh. I'm wondering if Canon might just want to sponsor my I am a very loyal customer of theirs...and advertise quite freely on their behalf. Now that's a thought!

Have yourselves a wonderful Labour Day...I'm off to the races. Really!


  1. Oh Judy! I am so sorry hon...but you do have the spare...the heir will come later!
    hugs of commiseration! And empathy...

  2. So sorry there girl! But enjoy the day

  3. hurt just for me to look at those pictures. So sorry! Could totally relate to the story though. How forgetful I can tend to be at times. But, let it up to you to come up with a way of maybe...just by chance the Canon camera people are reading this blog, and are led in their hearts to come to your rescue. Think how effective that gift could be for them. You...the wonderful, talented photographer with a new Canon, causing all of us to then want one too. Worth the try!

    Have fun at the races.

  4. Oh no!! That is not good.
    Enjoy your day at the races!!

  5. Oh Judy .. as one Canon lover to another .. I feel your pain. I would send them the link. .maybe they can figure out how to made an ad out of it and you can get the royalties toward a new canon.

    The other sad thing. .is it is no fun knowing what that little 2 X 8 sized box under the tree is. I've come to recognize the size of the box.

  6. Oh what a disappointment but I agree your photography is worth a lot to them I bet. Persue it yourself. I bet you can find a way to use that to your advantage. I am hinting for a new camera for Christman myself. I am not sure what kind to get. Will have to consult with my son, who is way ahead of me in the camera department.

  7. Dear, Dear, Dear, Its not just the Cannon Camera,the guys are also wondering what the John Deere Mower blade looks like.

    Enjoy the races and drown your sorrows in Tim Horton's gold.


  8. Big sympathy from over here - I can just picture you setting up some of your great shots with your trusty canon. I'd be lost without mine!

  9. Uh oh. Sounds like you borrowed a page from one of your kids books :) Unlike you, much more like ... Kris.

    I suppose it happens to the best of us.

  10. Well is must have been a blast!!!
    I have had my camera lye on the back of a car bumper and slide off into oncoming traffic, and then untangled yarns of old school negatives.
    Well I hope that somewhere someone will find you another little box that will make your heart happy...

    Have fun at the races.

  11. Sick for you Judy! I'm with Lovella, send in the post and see if they bite...or wait for Christmas. Glad you have a spare, kinda like a spare will have to do till you get a new one. Kathy

  12. I've been away awhile and I return to find your camera has been chopped up! OH NO!! I'm sorry this really stinks! Hope everything else is going well, though! Take care!

  13. Oh no! I am so sorry that this happened to your wonderful camera, Judy. I do appreciate your willingness to share your foibles with us...I well remember the burning of the kitchen...oh what is to become of us now that we are killing our own cameras and frying our own computers? (I have been visiting blogs for several hours and have not felt compelled to comment until seeing this.)Hope that the pennies are scraped together soon for a replacement and perhaps we need to consider insurance. :D

  14. Oh Judy...your poor camera! Your future pictures will be just fine until you purchase a new camera.

    Hope your weekend was good besides the little mishap.


  15. Aww too bad about the camera:( I'm with the rest..send photo and story of crushed Canon to the company..who knows what may happen??
    I sure love that spells fall!

  16. oh no!! My worst fear. I don't have too many spare shekels at this moment either. (But I definitely have my eye on the next model of my Canon!). I hope you can get a replacement soon :)
    Sometimes a less than optimal camera makes you become more creative with getting the right shot. My model (the first Digital Rebel) is largely outdated, but I have to just try a little harder to get the same shot you could easily get with the latest model. Not so much of a consolation though :(

  17. eek! i'm so sorry. i would be lost without my camera

  18. OH my...that is heart breaking. I can just feel the sinking in the pit of your stomache as you realized what happened.

    I am so sorry Judy!

  19. Oh No! I feel your pain! What an unfortunate accident! I hope you could at least save the card and all thebphotos it held

    I resisted buying an upgraded camera unti l my husband finally gave one to me as a gift -- and now I'd be lost without it! (even if the photos I take with it uses up a lot of my C drive...grrr)

    Hope you get a new camera soon Judy!


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