Thursday, June 17, 2010


Around is usually me who announces that I won't be home at lunch...since I'm meeting someone to celebrate their milestone birthday. was hubby.  He was invited to a surprise 60th birthday party for our veterinarian...and didn't want to miss that!

They go a-way back!  In fact they were classmates in our little neighbourhood elementary school five decades ago.  We dug out an old class photo...grade two.  It was not my class...but I could identify the majority of his classmates...since they all lived in my corner of the community. 

Yesterday's birthday boy...circled in red...sat next to my hubby (with a dark green halo) in the front row all those many years ago. 

Sandra...the girl from across the in the middle row with a magenta halo...and just down the row are Jeannie and Yvonne...the twins from the farm next door.  Whatever became of any of them...I have no idea.

But I do know what happened to the guy with glasses in the back row.  He took over their family farm...where he still lives...though he retired from dairying long ago.  For many years he had the Harley dealership in our town.  Now he likes to spend a lot of time on the river...and if you are ever in our area and would like a most excellent guide to take you sturgeon fishing on the Bill.  We did

Oh...and I noticed the photo was taken by Norman Studios...a family tradition in our community since 1948.  I'm actually planning to visit Norman's Photographic Studios on the weekend...though it has nothing to do with picture taking...and everything to do with their grounds being part of the 2010 Rotary Garden Tour in our area.

I have it from a good source that the birthday celebration turned out as it should have.  The birthday boy showed up at the appointed time...was greeted by 60 Holstein cows on the lawn outside the venue...and many friends from the community dropped by to pass on their good wishes.

Contrary to what I have been saying the past few days...
 'Old is good...and always reliable' least when it comes to our trusty vet!

Have a great day...


  1. When it comes to people old is good when old is tempered with the Holy Spirit :0)

  2. How wonderful to still have the photos. Our class photos were all lost in our move. .and it still bothers me. Isn't it funny how we can still remember the people in our grade school classes? someone I met yesterday? . .not so much.

  3. Those old class photos always look the same, from year to year and school to school - I didn't go to school anywhere near you, but that could have been my class!
    Can't wait to tell TGD about the Holsteins on the lawn.

  4. It's nice when the men get to have a party with friends...I always feel that I have more "good times" than my husband.

    I was wondering just the other day what had become of my dear 3rd grade friends in Hartford where I grew up. It would be nice to know.

  5. 60 Holsteins on the lawn! Now that's a celebration! Did they have cake, too?

  6. But 60 isn't old, is it? Gosh, I hope not. It's hovering too near in my future. ;> I think it's great that you have maintained so many relationships through the years. Now you have to be curious about the twins...whatever DID happen to them? Someone must know!

  7. it's nice to reminisce. I love the picture, you were able to preserve it.

  8. I love the thought of the 60 cows....!

  9. Well, I'm sure he was surprised and blessed. I love looking at old school pictures... fun trying to remember everyone's names. Maybe the twins are in "blogland" and they might find you one day. Wouldn't that be something?!

  10. I enjoy hearing stories about people who have known each other for a long time. This was a great story, and the black and white photo to go with it. In a short time we will have many friends who will be celebrating "60" years. How did that happen?

    I am sure you were an "A" student in English class. You write so well.

  11. It is amazing to me that you and your husband live in the same area you were raised in. How special that must be.

  12. It is alwasys nice to celebrate a milestone birthday with good friends!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson