Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Colorado ~ the north country

We called Estes Park...nestled in the Rockies of northern Colorado...our home base for a few days...while we explored the area.  It is the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park...and a most popular summer resort...we discovered.

Just north of Estes Park 'city centre' The Stanley Hotel...the most prominent fixture in Estes Park.  It opened its doors in known for its old world charm and continues to contribute to the economy of this once rustic mountain town.

We took a tour...most interesting!  There were two weddings happening while we were there.  If you would like to spend some time at a grand historic hotel...7500 feet above the ordinary...this is the place for you.

We also paid a visit to Ravencrest Chalet...the Bible school where Jeremy and Broni met in the mid nineties.  We had a tour...and even found their pictures hanging on a wall.  And we wondered what we were thinking when we allowed our 18 year old son to take a vehicle to the Colorado Rockies for the winter.  The school sits at the top of a very steep hill...and there is not one straight level road anywhere in the vicinity.  We would know better now!

Up on the hill next to Ravencrest...was a field of purple flowers.  On closer turned out to be a field of Canadian thistles.  They look nicer in Colorado than at home!

Oh...and one last picture of Estes Park...Estes Ark!  Smile.

I met a former Colorado resident awhile back, who said, "If you go through Boulder, you must have breakfast at Lucile's".  Good advice!

We arrived mid-morning...and having been warned there was always a wait to get in...we brought our books...and sat in the shade a read for some 45 minutes.  It was a delightful an old heritage home...with generous portions and delicious meals. 

Just a block away we found the Pearl Street Mall...where we spent a few hours on a sunny and warm Colorado afternoon.  From people street entertainment...and a little browsing in the was a fun place to be. 

Though we by-passed Denver...we spent an evening with cousins on the outskirts of the city and did a little sight-seeing.

Deer roamed freely...even in the did the red fox.  The rattlesnake was a bit of a surprise...but thankfully I spotted him just before my foot hit the spot he was resting!

The moon in the Colorado sky was the perfect finale to our evening.  From there it was on to Colorado Springs...which I will re-visit another day. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I so enjoyed the photos from Estes Park! I have not been up there in several years so I especially appreciated the armchair travel experience! Fried Dill PICKLES!!! I may have to try those one day!

  2. Wow you really saw some lovely spots Judy! Loved all your photos...

  3. Thank you for another glimpse into your travels.I love that moon picture!

  4. I had forgotten about the Pearl Street mall and that restaurant in Boulder. Here's a factoid for you: Boulder Colorado is named not for the big rocks, but rather after the Ward Boulder Company.

  5. How funny Judy, we took some of the same photos at Pearl Street.. All these photos have me ready for another trip. Best start saving my nickels :-)


  6. Looks like you have been vacationing pretty close to my house. Boulder is also one of my favorite.I enjoyed your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  7. The Stanley Hotel is also where they filmed scenes from The Shining...

  8. What a wonderful trip you had!
    I WANNA GO!!!!

  9. What a beautiful post! Makes me want to take a trip there. The scenery is gorgeous and that hotel - wow!

    That moon picture is gorgeous - what a huge moon! Is that an older picture? I've been watching the moon lately. Tonight's moon isn't full yet so I'm wondering whether this was last month.

  10. My son went to graduate school in the University of Colorado at Boulder, and lived there for a year when he graduated before moving to Denver after he was married. Colorado is now our home away from home! :)

  11. What a beautiful place! I've read about Estes Park, and would love to visit there some day. I really enjoyed the photos of the town scene - especially the children - very sweet!

  12. Estes Park is a location near and dear to our hearts. Each visit had us coming away impressed with it's beauty. We took a tour of the Stanley Hotel also. Lovely old hotel.

    Once again I thoroughly enjoyed this part of your trip. I tucked Lucille's into the back of my mind for our next visit. Thank you for sharing this post.


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