Monday, August 2, 2010

a salt lake city welcome...

One last post card...before we leave for home...

...and that comes to you from Salt Lake City.

We were met with the warmest of welcome...
and even invited into the home of a blogging friend
who I had never met face-to-face before.

We had a most delightful evening yesterday...
enjoyed Pacific salmon off the grill...
and the company of our new/old friends.
We parted ways as the sun set over Salt Lake...
with a promise that they would one day show up on our front porch.

Today we spent the day seeing the sites...
the fabulous buildings and gardens that this city is known for.

We had lunch at The Pantry at the Lion House...
the 1856 building that was once the residence of Brigham Young.
They serve up wonderful meals...
it seems those Mormon girls/guys can cook!

In a city the size of SLC (population 950,000)...
where we know only our new/old friends from the night before...
we don't really plan to meet up with anyone we know.

We finished our lunch and stepped out onto the sidewalk...
and right into the path of this smiling lady in a hat!

There she was!
She works nearby and was on her lunch hour...
running errands.

So we said our hi's and bye's once more...
until next time.

And did I mention it was sizzling hot here in Salt Lake City?
I'm off for a dip in the pool.


  1. What a nice surprise to meet a fellow blogger two times!

    Have a safe trip home!

  2. How fun to meet up with Jill again. You guys have fun wending your way homeward to a bit cooler temps I hope.

  3. Lots of fun going on for you meeting up with bloglanders. Glad you are having such a good, good time! That was a great picture of Jill with no less than a hat on her adorable head!

  4. What a special treat.... getting to meet your blogging friend in person! Sounds like you had a great time. That looks like a rhino in your ice cream. Does that mean you are going to Africa?

  5. What a treat to meet someone from the kingdom of Blog - and she's wearing one of her gorgeous hats!

  6. my son lives there attending the U. he loves it. you probably hit the heat wave.

  7. So glad you got to meet up with Jill! Safe journeys home!

  8. Looking forward to hearing how long of a drive it is from SLC to your place :-)

  9. Great postcards! Keep them coming ... but look forward to you coming home again too!

  10. This looks like a historic and well maintained city. It must have been fun to see someone you knew on the city streets. I would have been disappointed if she did not have one of her lovely hats on. The swim in the pool sounded like a perfect way to deal with the heat.

    Safe traveling!

  11. Your grandkids favorite part of your post was..."on our way home" part. Grammy and Papa are dearly missed. Safe driving! We love you!

  12. A quick hello to and peak to see where your travels have taken you this week. Sounds like your having a wonderful time, seeing the sights and meeting new blogging buddies...

    Save travels home!

  13. Your trip has been chock full of wonderful postcard photo ops. How fun to get to meet Jill and then run into her the next day! In a hat, of course...

  14. I'm with Jill. Keep close eye on the map. . outline it for me and count the hours. ..I have a blogger I need to visit.

    What fun, I've loved your postcards Judy come home. (I'm sure there are little people saying the same thing)


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson