Thursday, August 26, 2010

green beans ~ harvest to table

I noticed the green bean harvest was underway locally.

I think that taking pic's... much easier than pickin' beans!

But taking pic's got me thinking about green bean soup.

So I brought home a bag of fresh green beans...
and we had green bean soup for supper last night.

Did I mention that it was a very hot day...
not actually a good day for soup!

We went on an ice-cream run after supper...
and cooled off with some good friends.

Have a great day!


  1. I love your pics. I love the view from my window here on the East coast but it sure is nice to get to look out from your front porch also. Thank you for providing such woderful pictures of your gorgeous view. Now I do have one itty bitty complaint...where is the recipe for that scrumpious looking soup?

  2. Mmmm - been wondering what to do for supper!

  3. We always ended up having hot soup in hot weather growing up. Probably because it was easier to cook something on top of the stove instead of turning the oven on! The harvesting photos are beautiful and your soup sounds delicious...

  4. I'm making soup today and it's in the 80s. Nan called some in. She's not eating very well at the home and so requested some soup. I was flattered, but then remembered that it must be bad because she doesn't like chicken and she asked for chicken soup. Ha!

    Your soup looks delicious and healthful.

    Love the clouds in your photos...very artsy.

  5. Yeah, broiling hot weather and Green bean soup: not so much of a draw right now. I'll keep it in mind for later!

    Now if you had made a nice cold three bean salad instead I'd be right over....

  6. We had soup today too...but it's pouring with rain here!

  7. If someone set a bowl of soup in front of me that looked like that, I would not care how hot it was outside. I never tasted green bean soup but this winter I will, and I will know where to go to look for the recipe. That first picture is so beautiful!

  8. That's it ..I have to go get myself a hunk of ham and a bag of beans. .I was hungry for it today but didn't follow through and now that I see your post. .it's a must do for the weekend. I think it could come in handy with the going and comings of next week around here.

  9. I think I could smell those fresh green beans in that soup - and your ice cream afterwards was a perfect ending!

  10. Oh my gosh the soup looks sooo good. Did I mention I was a soup gal? The weather cooled off here for a minute and I opened up a can of soup and thought I can't wait till I can start up a soup pot this fall. Now I am dying to try your recipe with the fresh green beans in my crisper. Alas I have no summer savory in my garden this year. I will plant it next year though...hmmm wonder if some nursery has some still? Some kind of summer veggie soup is on the menu though :)

    Love your new header, I have hydrangea envy :)


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson