Friday, August 13, 2010

farm fare...

Though I've been posting about far away places...lots has been happening on the home front.

The grass fields were all mowed this week...
and most of the grass is packed away in the bunker for the winter. 
Some is being

And while we were on vacation...
the zucchini were not.

I have enough zucchini loaves to last awhile.


And we've been enjoying potatoes...
fresh from the garden all week.
We planted a few purple potatoes this year...
just for fun.
Yes...they are purple through and through.
Strange...but tasty.

  I went to water Micah's little twig of a fig tree...
and discovered a fig in the making.

We planted the fig tree to commemorate the birth of our youngest grandson...
and a few months later...
we have a fig.
I like that.

And here's a photo from way back when...
taken on August 13th...
the night before I received the new title....

Happy birthday for tomorrow, Kris!


  1. I love your veggies..never seen purple potatoes before!

  2. Purple potatoes...trying to think if I'd be able to eat them...perhaps only if I closed my eyes. Glad to hear that they're delicious. Happy Birthday to your son! Now that was back in the day when pregnant women looked modest and appropriate. Am I showing my age?

  3. Everything looks great on the farm Judy! Love that photo of you way back when!!

  4. My grandson thinks purple potatoes are great. He is not much of a potato eater, but he is intrigued by the purple.

    I love the pictures. What a sweet and wonderful memory.

  5. I love your garden. I wish I could get things to grow like you do.

  6. Those potatoes look so colourful and yummy! Zucchini does have a way of getting out of hand, doesn't it?

    Happy Birthday to your son - and don't you love being a mom, even after all these years?

  7. You don't even look pregant in that photo...and Kris was a gigantic baby too! And yes Vee - you're showing your age, but there are definately some prego ladies that show a little too much of their growing body! Happy Birthday to my bro-in-law!
    I love the potatoes from our garden too, nothing better than freshly picked!

  8. Purple potatoes...hmmmm, interesting! A long time ago, a friend decided to be creative and put blue food coloring in her dough to make cinnamon rolls for a Sunday school class get together. Nobody could eat them.... couldn't get past the color!ha!ha! They almost looked moldy! Would love to give the potatoes a try!

  9. How relaxed I feel after viewing your photos of all God has blessed you with :-)
    Thanks for sharing them!

  10. So quickly you made the trasistion from vacation to work. I like the picture of the tractors working in the fields with the huge mountains in the background. Seems like the perfect backdrop for the farming duties. One of our favorite type potato chips, include purple potato chipd.

    I like the picture of you. Remember how much we felt that we knew back then? We had no idea all that was to come. Happy Birthday to your son!

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  11. I recognize some of those photos...looks like I have similiar ones in my file.
    What a road trip we are enjoying...I'm sure your motor home could not keep up to us, but we sure have enjoyed motoring along those interstate highways...Of course, we have not stopped till tonight, when we will take time to explore tomorrow. Straight throug..last night we were in Boise, and flew early this morning again. Beautiful agriculture land, amidst the deserts...
    I can see why you like road trips.

  12. I never did like the maternity tops when we had our kids ... who would have thought that you could actually show the shape of your belly?

  13. Nothing like fresh from the farm veggies and yours all look so healthy and delicious. I have bought purple potatoes from the grocery store and thought they were very good. The color did seem a bit strange at first.
    Happy Birthday to your son. Such a cute picture of you.

  14. We usually fly Jet Blue airlines and they serve blue potato chips made from blue potatoes :)

    You were glowing the day before you became a Mom! Happy birthday to Kris!


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