Monday, August 30, 2010

a salmon bonanza...

Anyone with a fishing rod who is able to make his/her way to the Fraser River ... seems to be hauling in a sockeye salmon these days.  After three years of low numbers of salmon returning to the mighty Fraser ... and amid fears that the big salmon runs of the past were gone forever ... an estimated 30 million sockeye are expected to swim upriver this year ... the largest number on record since 1913.  Since the Fraser River passes through the valley a few miles north of our home...and we have friends and family who like to try their hand at fishing...we have enjoyed fresh sockeye over the past few weeks.

Yesterday we decided to take a drive to the mouth of the Fraser ... where the commercial fisherman are bringing their bounty to the docks ... and locals are flocking to buy fresh sockeye right off the boat.

We just came to observe!  Good thing ... because I don't think I would have had the patience to stand in line to make my purchase.

We walked down the wharf...

...and heard the merchants advertising the 'last salmon of the day'. 

Customers forgot all about being their enthusiasm to bag a salmon or two!  Many of those waiting in line will have gone home disappointed.

Others trotted off with their purchases in hand ...

 ...or on the back.

Salmon...salmon everywhere!

A little Irish entertainment...a lot of fresh sea air...and some fish  & chips (salmon and halibut) on the wharf...

...Steveston was a good place to spend a Sunday afternoon. 


  1. Hi Judy,
    This was very interesting . I understood that the spawning salmon were not fit to eat. Is this true ? When we visited Canada and Alaska in 2007 in September the coastal ports we visited from our cruise boat had streams teeming with salmon which we were told were in very poor condition and not fit to eat. That they would spawn and then die. Was this a tall tale told to the tourists? I can't imagine eating any of the fish that I saw then.

  2. When I read about the return of the salmon I thought 'barbecue as soon as we get home'. I've collected a few salmon recipes and will try at least one this week. What a nice day you must have had in Steveston!

  3. The salmon turn a bright colour once they are spawning in the shallow creeks...and would no longer be at their prime for eating. They are just beginning their return trip up the Fraser now...and still have a long journey ahead of them. This is prime time for fresh salmon!

  4. So glad the Salmon are returning in full force again :0)

  5. OH it is so wonderful to have the salmon coming back again. I'm so happy for those that make their living in the fisheries and I'm so happy for those of us who love salmon to eat.

  6. I have a couple of salmon in my freezer just waiting for the opportune moment (or a group of people to come and help us eat one.)
    It's wonderful to see the huge return of salmon this year.

  7. Tempted to grab a rod and race up for some fishing! Me loves fresh salmon oh so much!

  8. I enjoyed the experience through your post!! Thanks for sharing sites I will probably never get to see in person! That's one of the reasons I LOVE blogs!

  9. That must've been something to see. How incredible that this is such a banner year for salmon!

  10. After all the scares about eating shrimp from the gulf states, it is refreshing to hear about fresh, healthy and plentiful fish. We eat salmon regularly and I would be thrilled to eat some as fresh as that.
    Your posts are always so interesting and informative.

  11. Sounds like you had a splendid day at the wharf, filled with much entertainment. I enjoy a good salmon, so I'm sure you are thrilled with the return of the salmon in the river, fresh is always better.

  12. Fresh fish is always a delight and fresh salmon is among the very best! I'm glad they are returning to the Fraser River again.

  13. Sounds like a great afternoon. I don't care for salmon, but I marvel at the strength and determination that God instilled in them to do what they do.Wonder why God's plan for them requires this struggle. Maybe it is a lesson for us. I'll have to think about that! Wonderful news that they are so abundant this year!

  14. Love salmon. I love to run into what I call an "ah ha" moment. Yesterday's crossword puzzle asked for a river in BC. Fraser. Today I read your post. Fraser River. Next time it comes up I will know it. A new piece of info today. A good day.

  15. Check out my freezer girl. We have been we filet those wonderful salmon for our winter meals.
    I've got one tucked away for you, as I saw those long line-ups...I knew right away..that was not for me.


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