Thursday, August 12, 2010

the nationl parks...cont'd

Near the end of our road trip...
we visted two national parks in southern Utah.

Zion National Park was our first stop...
the oldest national park in the USA and also one of the most visited.

Pioneers gave the canyon the name Zion...
a Hebrew word meaning a place of refuge.

To get there we drove a long dirt road...
with switchbacks and tunnels...
and road construction...
but it was all worth it!

The Court of the Patriarchs...
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are the names of these peaks.

We hiked along the river at the bottom of the canyon...
until the canyon walls closed in on the river.

And as we left the park towards evening...
we came across a herd of mountain goats sheep.
(I only know my cows!)

I saved my favorite for last...
and that would be Bryce Canyon.

We were expecting much what we saw at Zion Canyon the previous day...

...but the rock fromations were unlike anything we had ever seen.

We hiked the rim trail...

...and the views below us changed as we walked.

For those who didn't care to walk...
there were alternate ways of getting around.

It was a most memorable way to spend our anniversary...
a day we will long remember.

Though the lightning flashed...and the thunder rolled in the distance...
the rain held off until we left the park.

Our 'national park pass' is good until July of 2011.
I wonder where our next road trip will take us?


  1. Wanderlust already? :D

    As I read your comment about Bryce Canyon, I first read "and the views below changed us as we walked." Of course, that wasn't what you said, but I like to think that perhaps it is true all the same. I think seeing that incredible place would change me.

  2. You two are amazing! Hiking the rim trail around the canyon like you were walking along a country lane. Thank you for the wonderful views. I've heard about Zion and Bryce, but they're still on the to-see list.

  3. Maybe you could share that national park pass with us? I just found out that we will be following some of the same journey that you just arrived from.
    Bryce Canyon is on our list and we'll see what that all brings along.
    Your pass and your maps...what else can we ask for? Your MOTOR HOME!!!
    Looks like we need to be in shape!!

  4. Judy the wonderful thing is that in a few years we will all qualify to enter the National Parks for free! There are some benifits to getting older. :)

    I am now adding Zion and Bryce Canyon to my list of "must sees"!

  5. Amazing and gorgeous! Bryce canyon really is a wonder. Beautiful postcard photos!!

  6. Judy, I believe those are big horn sheep and not mountain goats...

  7. Wonderful pictures..I lived in that area for four years. Brought back memories of the beauty of So.Utah..

  8. We're heading to Bryce and Zion in late September, hoping to catch a touch of fall color as well. National Park passes rock. Visiting National Parks: Just do it!

  9. What a fun way to spend your anniversary - exploring something new together.
    Bryce Canyon looks amazing - someplace else to add to our list of places to visit.

  10. Wow! Such beautiful views. A few took my breath away.

  11. so beautiful! I have always wanted to go to some of these national parks and have definitely enjoyed seeing your pictures!

  12. Judy, that must have been a wonderful trip! Your pictures and stories are beautiful to see and read. Dairymary

  13. You've made a common and understandable error in your caption for the Court of the Patriarchs. The peak to the right is actually Mt. Moroni--Jacob is just behind.

  14. Gorgeous photos Judy. I remember well that amazing park when we lived in Utah, between Zion and Bryce, Arches, and others I was always star struck at those rock formations and their colors.

    What a trip you guys!


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