Thursday, August 5, 2010

the last rest stop...

The American rest stops are just the best! Like a park…they are placed at regular intervals along the major US highways. For travellers and truckers needing restrooms, picnic tables or a place to park overnight…they are great. And with the help of a gps…we always knew where to find the next rest stop.

On the last day of our trip…we left Oregon behind and crossed over into Washington…the area we call hay country. It is also fruit country…and our first stop was a fruit stand where we stocked up on locally grown peaches, cherries and Walla Walla onions. Since it was near lunchtime…and there was a rest stop not far down the highway…we decided to stop for our final lunch on the road.

We laughed when we saw the name of the rest stop….Indian John Hill Rest Stop. It looked very familiar…since it was the same rest stop where we stopped for our first meal on the road when we left home 2 ½ weeks ago. As we sat at the table in the shade enjoying our egg salad sandwiches and juicy Washington cherries…we chuckled at the co-incidence….especially when we recalled that we had ham and eggs the last time we dined at this same location. How strange is that?

We enjoyed our last rest stop….and so did many others!  A work crew pulled in beside us...

...and they each claimed a trunk to lean on while eating their lunch.

A trucker arrived...and left his rig to enjoy a picnic lunch in the shade...and a short siesta.

This couple was travelling by car...and stopped for a break.

A young dad got out to stretch his legs...and those of his toddler.

A huge motorhome arrived...a 38 foot diesel pusher...and the occupants brought their lunch out to enjoy under the trees.  We're hoping we can still be RV'ing when we are their there is still much to be seen!

Soon the workers were packing up to get back on the job...

...and the trucker left with his load of hay...bound for our part of the world.  We packed up our lunch...and our cards...and followed him down the highway. 

Late last night we arrived home...our final and favorite rest stop.  It's always good to be home!

If you are travelling the American highways anytime sure to check out the rest stops along the way.  You may even be served fresh coffee!

Have a great weekend...


  1. There are some fantastic rest stops around. We moved from Vancouver, WA, to San Diego just a month ago so we stopped at plenty of rest stops along the way.

    And as your photos hold testament... these places are fantastic for people watching!

    Kate (www.deliciousaspie.blogspot.com_

  2. We have very similar 'Aires de repos' here in France. They almost always have washrooms, tables and an area for children.
    The nicest ones are the ones not connected to big food chain cafes...they tend to have litter around.
    Glad you are safely back!

  3. Glad you are home safe and sound and that you enjoyed our rest stops! I'm not sure who had the idea, but there are a lot of grateful people who use them! Once when we were coming home from a spring break trip to FL, we stopped at one just to take a break. There were some college boys, traveling back to school after their own break, who were playing a game of touch football. They saw our son, about 14 at the time, watching and asked him to join the game. Believe me, that made his day! You never know what memories you might make at a simple little rest stop!

  4. The Rest Areas here are, indeed, WONDERFUL! There are several on the way south to Houston and 2 are my favorites! One has a small lake with a walking trail as well as a playground and the other has swings hung on the huge wrap around porch....and a giant statue of Sam Houston....all set in the midst of pine trees!

    Glad you are safely home....after all, there's no other place like it!

    My daughter is returning home today after spending a year in Scotland. As much as she enjoyed her travels...she and I BOTH will be glad when she arrives HOME!

  5. Welcome home, Judy. You've had quite a trip, and I look forward to hearing stories and seeing pictures for some time to come.
    I've noticed that the rest stops in Washington often serve coffee - what a nice tradition!

  6. Those rest stops really are a blessing! Glad you made it home safe and sound!

  7. Really? I avoid those places like the plague. Maybe they're better on the West Coast. Happy trails home!

  8. You've had an interesting trip - full of sights and sounds and tastes that you've shared with us.
    I hope you slept well in your own bed last night - the very best rest stop of all.

  9. I had to laugh at Vee's remark :)

    The east coast rest stops are definitely more crowded and less bucolic but they serve their purpose well.

    When we drove cross country we stopped at many truck rest stops along the way and were delighted to find they had laundromats,small food and toiletry stores, cots to sleep on and even chapels to pray in!

    In one rest stop along I 95 in Maryland the rest room attendant had put a vase full of fresh flowers at each sink. She took pride in her spotless room.

  10. PS: Welcome home! Looking forward to seeing more about your journey before I leave on mine :)

  11. Thank you for your wonderful post about the rest stops along our highways. Some are fabulous for the views and many are at just the right place along the way to stretch and walk and people watch! So glad you are safely home!

  12. Enjoyed reading about your true about how great it is to be home!


  13. I have enjoyed this trip so much. Thank you for taking the time to share fun and beautiful details with us, including this on the roadside stop. I like how you have pictures of the different groups of people and their reasons for stopping. Roadside stops that serve coffee seem to be the perfect combo to me.

    Thankful you both had a safe trip home. I love to come home after a trip.

  14. Looks like you have had a great holiday and thanks for this interesting to check out all those different people at the rest stop!

  15. What an interesting post Judy...we travel so much that we enjoy "rest stops" too!

    Safe travels home....

  16. Good to have you back home safe and sound. We've heard about those rest stops.
    Now comes the catching up and we will have lot to chat about once again...if I ever get back home.

  17. It is fun to picnic along the way and the rest stops are handy for that as well as other necessities!

  18. So so glad to have you home and sound.
    Doesn't that Vee just make you laugh? I'd love to run into her sometime in my travels . .
    Those rest stops surely are nice to stop in. .and watch the comings and goings for awhile.

    Oh dear. .my word verification was gallow. It reminded me of the portion of scripture in church this week. Can you think which one that might be?

  19. Thanks for stopping in Judy, the rest area crew at Indian John Hill. Dawn, Kim, Laura and Allison.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson