Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the national parks...

We have the most amazing national parks in North America...
and today I'll take you back to a few that we visited on our recent road trip.

First stop...Yellowstone.
The highlight, of course...
Old Faithful. 

We couldn't have timed it better...
since the geyser sprang into action minutes after we arrived on the scene.

And...lest you think we were there all alone...'s a photo of all those others that were photographing the geyser as well.

We stopped at several places in the park...
to view geysers and paintpots.

Fountain Paint Pots...was the name of this area.
We walked carefully!

We never spotted much wildlife in Yellowstone this time...
just one very relaxed elk.

As we left Yellowstone...

...we passed through Grand Teton National Park...
where we made a brief stop. was off to Colorado...
and Rocky Mountain National Park.

This park lies right next to Estes Park...
located northwest of Boulder, Colorado in the Rockies.

The Continental Divide splits the park in two...
and the headwaters of the Colorado River are found here.

As for is way up high.
The Trail Ridge Road which runs through the park...
reaches an elevation of 12, 183 feet above sea level.

To put that in perspective...
my hometown is 27 feet above sea level.

We took the park shuttle to Bear Lake...
and hiked around the lake.

It was the perfect spot to sit awhile...
and have some lunch...
as these two little guys discovered as well.

From there we hiked to Nymph Lake...
a lake topped with lily-pads.

We carried on around the lake...and farther up the trail to Dream Lake.

It was a lovely alpine lake...
a fly-fishers delight.

The shores open up to views of Flattop Mountain...
and the snow was almost within touching distance.

We hiked through aspen groves...

...and caught glimpses of the blue Colorado skies above
through a canopy of quaking aspen leaves.

Waterfalls, wildflowers, birds, squirrels and deer...
it was a wonderful place to spend the day.

And so ends our visit to Rocky Mountain National Park.

The national park guided tour...
to be continued...


  1. These are places I've never been - it's fun to see them through your eyes.I've been to several Canadian National parks and I don't think I've ever seen a crowd like that at Yellowstone!

  2. Thank you for sharing your vacaction with us!! I have visited Colorado more times than I can count! We used to go once every season....and Estes Park is a favorite destination! As a matter of fact, next fall I am planning a trip there to show the splendor to Louis Dean. He has been to Denver but only to work. I too him to Colorado Springs last fall and he LOVED it! Beautiful post and beautiful pics!

  3. Places I may never see with my earthly eyes, but I have so enjoyed seeing them today. What spectacular beauty. And aspens...what a romantic tree! :D

  4. ahhh...beautiful, more beautiful, and beautifuller! :0)
    What lovely spots to see...

  5. You have just completed a trip I have always wanted to take, driving an RV or 5th wheel or even small camper to the great national parks. I've never been to Yellowstone. I've seen the Tetons and Glacier National Park, Yosemite and a few others in the west but there are so many more.

  6. After my husband and I watched the PBS special on the national parks, we said we must go see them in person. We haven't had the opportunity yet, but really hope to one day soon. I enjoyed tagging along on your trip. The photos are stunning and you always share such interesting facts.

  7. Wow Judy what amazing photo's I have really enjoyed looking through this post and joining you on your trip....Thank you!

  8. Some of these places looked familiar and some did not, but they all looked to be so beautiful. I appreciate so much that you captured pictures for us to see some of nature's finest. I did not have any idea that all those people would be sitting at that one park. Very interesting.

  9. All gorgeous views! It is amazing how many people want to see the "Old Faithful" geyser in Yellowstone, isn't it? Colorado is a beautiful state -- my son enjoys living there very much!

    We will be going to Yosemite National Park in California soon, and I look forward to seeing its wonderful views.

  10. I'm watching and observing as you show us you become my tour guide for an up coming week of adventures.
    There are so many beautiful spots.
    What's heading up for tomorrow's post?
    Your word verification is Prest...That may mean a reminder for tomorrow.

  11. It was so good to see your photos. For 19 years we lived in Jackson Hole at the southern point of Teton and Yellowstone Parks. In fact, I climbed the Grand Teton as a young woman. Such beautiful country. Glad you enjoyed it.

  12. I'm doing a multi-part travelog of our first trip to Yellowstone on my blog. We were there last October and saw Old Faithful. There weren't many people there, and it was 32 degrees while we were waiting! Oh my gosh, was it cold! But it was worth the wait and I got a great video of the whole thing!


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