Monday, August 16, 2010

keeping kool...

We're in the middle of a sweltering heat wave...and so we are finding many ways to stay cool.  Since we have no AC in our home...we volunteered to babysit for the grands with an air-conditioned home on Saturday night.

Ranen needed a giant Freezee to cool off (she actually thought she needed two).  Micah pleaded for one as well...but had to be content with cold water. 

Yesterday was another blistering hot day...and the grands from next door called to see if they could come over and slip-n-slide.  We laughed as we watched the girls sliding...since the slide seemed rather short for them now.  It was purchased when they were four years old...and that was four years ago.  I pulled out the blender and whipped up some blizzards...just like the ones I used to make when their dad was wee.  They slipped-and-slid down quite nicely!

At the end of the day...we drove out to the lake...thinking everyone else would have gone home.  Not so!  Though the sun was about to set...the beaches were still busy...and the parking stalls were mostly full.

It was the perfect evening for a walk along the beach.

Others were trying to stay cool out on the water...

...staying out until the darkness closed in.

It's summertime!  I like it.


  1. You do know some good ways to stay cool. Since you got acclimated on your vacation to the temps, I'm sure that they hardly troubled at all. :D

  2. Keeping cool is the name of the game, isn't it? Playing in water is one of the best ways, with yummy cold things to eat alongside.

    I love the last photo of the pinky sky and the layers of mountains. What a beautiful world we live in.

    By the way, Annette Inlet is off of Prevost Island, just south of Saltspring Island.

  3. There's nothing like a good old "slip & slide" on a Hot day!

    We've actually had a cold spell this past week, looking forward to warmer temps this week in Montanee!!


  4. I suppose it is HOT all over!!! I think it is a BIT cooler here in Texas today than it was yesterday....meaning it may not hit 100 degrees! We have had nearly a MONTH of 100+ temps! You could not SURVIVE here without A/C! Love your blogs new look by the way!

  5. I love the slip n slide...that looks fun, never tried it myself but would like to give it a go! I am glad you are having great weather, ours picked up here today in the UK after a few wet and dull days, we took our grandaughters paddling in a river to cool down finishing off with icecreams all 'round!

  6. It intreagues me that you have such hot summers and then freezing winters. You certainly do experience the full four seasons don't you. I rather like the idea of that.

  7. It really has been hot! Looks like you found some great relief from it!

  8. Yesterday I'd have gladly stretched right out on that slip 'n slide! Is there a recipe for your blizzard somewhere? I hope so, because I think a little grandson would be pretty happy if Nana arrived with a recipe for a treat like that (not to speak of his dad!)
    The view of the lake is lovely - I've only ever seen it in summer daylight or winter dusk - beautiful sunset.

  9. As grandmas we have to be prepared in all types of weather. You certainly are skilled in that. By reading this blog, I almost felt cool in our sweltering heat. Those blizzards sure did look good to me, and the beach walk would comfort me in any weather.


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