Wednesday, August 25, 2010

fall is in the air...

Though we are enjoying a beautiful summer over here...
and have had next to no rain since the beginning of July...
there are signs that fall is around the corner.  

Once in awhile...
I'm up early enough to see the first light of dawn...
and a blanket of low-lying fog across the fields.

That was 'my front porch' view early the other morning.

As for the back patio view...
where we often have breakfast...
this is how it looks this morning.  

We moved the heater out there last night...
since the mornings and evenings are a little nippy these days.  

I like summer...and am always sad to see it go.  

But fall is good too...and it's coming!


  1. I would love to wake up every morning with your view. That would put a smile on anyone's face. Have a great day!

  2. Love your header photos that so perfectly complement the colors here. We've been in and out of rain for a while now and so can definitely feel the nip of autumn. I don't like to think beyond autumn, but since fall is my favorite season, I am so looking forward to it.

  3. I love the fog of fall . .but I'm not ready to see it quite yet. Leaves are beginning to fall off my back yard tree and I keep wondering why? Where did summer go already?

  4. I love the way the fog hangs in the valley. You do have a beautiful view! Yes, fall is coming!

  5. We're really feeling fall in the air. The spider webs are starting already, too. Beautiful fog photos Judy!

  6. Gorgous view! The evening walks are a lot more pleasant now than when it was still HOT at 8 pm.
    I won't be talking about the next season until September. August is summer, summer, summer for me!

  7. It would be worth getting up early to enjoy your beautiful views.
    We are noticing cooler mornings and evenings in the southern U.S., but heaters aren't required ... yet.

  8. What beautiful views! I love summer but I am ready for Fall. We have been having temperatures above 100 now for the past 3 days. I guess you could say I am ready for cooler weather!


  9. Here in Ontario the nights are closing in early and there is a scent of apples in the air - a sure sign of fall approaching.

  10. Ah yes, soon we will be posting about lovely autumn colors and cooler weather and the holidays....isn't it great how the seasons bring something different throughout the year. I love it. Your early morning photos are sure fantastic.

  11. I am looking forward to your Fall as we don't really have Autumn here. I'm also looking forward to the winter view from your front porch. Always beautiful in your lovely part of the world.

  12. Just lovely and to think our Creator made it just for our enjoyment!

  13. I for one, am so thankful that you were up early enough to share this gorgeous photography with us. I am so amazed at the beauty of these pictures. Hopefully you viewed them holding a cup of coffee:) We are seeing touches of fall and I am thrilled, although heaters still are not necessary.

  14. Great shots. I have enjoyed the last evening sitting outside till 10:00pm. Just enjoying those last warm nights.

  15. Such beautiful pictures. The one from your front porch looks mystical; I can see an ocean or lake and almost a rowboat in it.

  16. Beautiful photos,Judy ..I also enjoyed seeing the green bean harvest in your other post.

    We enjoyed the cooler weather we encountered in California after the unusual hot and humid summer we had in NYC. The morning fog in San Francisco was so pretty.


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