Monday, October 15, 2007

book fare...

It's that time of the year when we just want to cozy up by the fire with a good book. It's also a good time of the year for 'book hunting'. Our local Rotary club is hosting it's annual book sale this week, so I just had to head down to the mall and check it out. One never knows what books one may find...or maybe, which books find us!

They offer over 100,000 books...all sorted, stacked, priced and packed. The club raises over $60,000 in this one week for local projects, scholarships and group exchanges. Rotarian's do a lot of good in the community, so I never feel bad about supporting the book club. First I buy books...and when I run out of room on my shelves, they get my discards! And all for a good cause.

Most books are $1, $2, or $3...but I noticed the antique books were priced much higher. I'm always on the lookout for vintage collector these that I found in a quaint little bookstore in Nakusp for $2 each.

They are classics from the early 1900's in great condition. I love that Jack's Aunt Gladys left her inscription in this edition of Robinson Crusoe on Dec. her own flowery script.

I thought I might find an old reader or two...but no such luck. The Dick & Jane series that I remember so well, are now selling for close to $100 each. I picked up a set of four new release "Dick & Jane' readers at a local grocery store a few years back; Emme and Spencer are enjoying them.

The Rotary club must be aware of bargain hunters looking for the collector books, because there were no good deals this year!

I left the antique section and checked out the paperbacks. When we moved a few years back, I decided to take all our paperbacks to the 'book sale' barrel. Little did I know that Elmer really hadn't planned to part with his Wibur Smith book collection! Oops. So I've been buying them back at used bookstores over the past few years. I was in more Wilbur Smith for the shelf!

This book caught my eye, only because it's written by a local Canadian author. W.P. Kinsella wrote Shoeless Joe,which was the basis for the movie "Field of Dreams". He now lives in Chilliwack and plays scrabble in his spare time...also writes a column for the Vancouver Province every week.

No, Kinsella never made it into my basket! I had a fun time snooping through the old books, and after an hour I came home with my goody bag. One Wilbur Smith, two James Patterson, and about ten pounds of Martha Stewart Living magazines. Now we both have something to read on vacation! The total damage was $10 and I have not even a twinge of remorse.


  1. We could save each other a lot of money if I only lived a little closer to you so we could share reading materials!

  2. It would be nice to share books.

  3. Judy,
    Your book sale looks like it was a lot of fun. I love your Dick and Jane books. I was asking someone the other day why Jane had a key around her neck . .was she a latchkey child. No, I was told it was for her roller skates. . .oh.

    Reading books is such a perfect vacation "job".

  4. How wonderful to wander through a book fair and find some treasures. I love to do that, too. I just bought a vintage copy of The Hobbit for my son and without knowing it (I purchased it from ABE's books), it says "Hope that this gives you much pleasure. Love, Mom") I thought that was way cool!

    I am also here to tell you that I have awarded you the "You Make Me Smile" award. I'd love for you to pick it up at my blog when you have the chance.

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  6. Judy,
    I, too, learned to read using the Dick and Jane readers. My 18-year old niece is currently enrolled in an early-education class at our local university and her teacher was trying to tell them to avoid Dick and Jane style books. Can you believe it? And then I pointed out that Dr. Seuess books followed the same format she saw the virtue in the old readers.
    Furthermore, my little 9-year old niece was having trouble reading in school. I found a Dick and Jane reader (not an originial but a reprint sold in our local grocery store) for her. She sat down and read through to page 155 at one setting!!! It was the first time that she ever experienced confidence in her reading abilities.
    Long story short, I LOVE Dick and Jane books!-Thanks for sharing your lovely post regarding the book fair!


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