Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Canadian Thanksgiving

As we approach our Thanksgiving holiday, we are again reminded of how blessed we really are in this country. We often take things for granted and find petty issues to gripe about, when we have so much we should be giving thanks for. So let's focus on some of the things (big and small) in our everyday lives that we have to be grateful for and let's express that this weekend.

Being with others who are so much less fortunate than ourselves, makes us so much more aware of our own blessings. We had the privilege of hosting three girls from the African Children's Choir last year. The grandkids came to spend the evening with us and Emme & Spencer were so touched by the lives of these African children who came from such impoverished backgrounds to sing to us of God's love.

A few months later we decided to participate in Operation Christmas Child; we had such fun filling shoe boxes with toys, treats and a few necessities for children from around the world who are in need. Emerson & Spencer were pretty sure their packages may even go to Victoria, Judith or Goretti...their friends from the African Children's Choir. We're looking forward to doing our shoe boxes again in a few's such a joy to know we can make a difference in the life a child who has so much less than we do. Last year over 700,000 gift-filled shoe boxes were collected in Canada and sent around the world. How amazing is that?

So, count your blessings this Thanksgiving Day. Think of all the good things that may have come out of bad situations; be thankful for all the people that have an impact on your life (friends and family); think of all the things that make you smile and give thanks for them; forget about all the things that you don't have and focus on the joys you experience every day. Be grateful...and then pass it on! Encourage someone...lend a hand...listen...give of your time...or how about participating in Operation Christmas Child?

Be grateful this weekend as we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in Canada...and then make gratitude a habit!


  1. Loved this post...Happy Thanksgiving!!


  2. Happy thanksgiving day, your are blessed by God more and more. you have always amazing stories to everyone, very encouraging. thank you. God be with you.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson