Thursday, October 18, 2007

what makes me smile?

So what makes me smile?

When I count my blessings, I really do have a lot of things to smile about.

Here’s a few…

~having my family together makes me smile…and quite often makes me laugh. We do have a good time together!

~my grandkids can always make me smile. They are just the best. I have a plaque that says, “grandchildren are the best thing about growing old”. How true!

~the smell of fresh-baked bread.

~a good time together with friends (and maybe a cup of coffee or two!)

~going for a hike on a beautiful day.

~the view from my front porch.

~my hubby singing bass.

~my little garden. How can one little plant produce so many tomatoes?

~the smell of freshly mown hay (there’s a few other smells around here that don’t make me smile, but we won’t mention those today!).

~laughing with my sisters…the good ole’ days are so much funnier now than they were then!

~lying out in the sun with a good book...that sounds like a vacation!

~travelling...and making plans to travel (speaking of which, we are leaving next week).

I was given a ‘You Make Me Smile’ award by Vee the other day. I’m honoured…and so glad I could make you smile! I gather the idea is that I pass this award along to people whose blogs have been an inspiration and encouragement. Let’s just say I’m passing it along to all of you that I visit; you know who you are (I leave my tracks!).

But if you would like to see the blog that has been the greatest inspiration to me, visit Lovella at “What Matters Most”. I googled ‘paska’ and found Lovella! She made me smile…her life is an open book, where she is so open about sharing the goodness of God. She posted a retrospective on her first anniversary of blogging yesterday…check it out! I decided that if that’s what blogging looked like, maybe I could do that in some shape or form.

So for almost two months I’ve been having fun recording the everyday events of my life on my blog…mostly things that make me smile. And if I can pass a smile along to you, that makes it worthwhile.

* * * * *
So here’s what I want to do, with God’s help: Take my everyday, ordinary life—my eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God. Romans 12:1 The Message


  1. Way to go my friend..
    Your blog is a real inspiration to me daily. The first thing I do in the morning is look at blogs while hubby is doing barn stuff, then after I check the weather....
    I'm using your bun recipe today..

  2. Your list is great. I especially agree with "grandchildren are the best thing about growing old." :)

    Thank you for your kind encouragements. It makes a difference.

    Those pancakes really were great so now I'll have to go back and snag the bun recipe, too, since I can trust you now. LOL!

    And I must go catch up with Lovella...

    BTW, you were one cute little girl!

  3. Food, Family, Friends and Nature are a great recipe for smiling about....I would agree wholeheartedly on all points, except that I don't have grandkids....yet! Still working on the weddings. Thanks for sharing.

  4. One thing i can say. Put those pictures side by side and that smile hasn't changed at all wow.

  5. Judy, now I'm smiling too.
    What a beautiuful post. I appreciate your kind words and just marvel at the enouragemnet we all can be to one another.
    I love your little girl picture, what a pretty girl.
    I never miss a day of visiting you to see what is new, thank you.

  6. Judy, love your little girl haven't changed a bit!
    Beautiful post, couldn't read it without a smile...
    Keep up the good work !!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson