Thursday, October 25, 2007

it's a long and winding road...

No matter how long the road, or how winding...I'm up for it! The rv is packed and every little detail has been taken care of. almost need a vacation by the time you've made all the arrangements.

We know our final destination...but other than that, our journey will be an adventure. There are so many roads out there to explore and we'll make our decisions as we go along! How fun is that? That sort of reminds me of the journey of long as we know our final destination and keep heading in that direction, we are free to make decisions that take us along different paths. I think I have everything we need. Music, sudoku, twizzlers, sunglasses and a good road atlas (the roads are still in the same place as two years ago, right?) And we need to stop by a Tim Horton's before we reach the border...after that it's TH-free zone! It seems the driver is not quite ready to last chore out in the barn and we'll be on our way.

And since my computer is attached to the office wall, it will be staying behind. So you'll have to wait until I get back to hear about our latest adventure...unless I manage to sneak in a few lines here or there. So, until we meet again...


  1. Have a great trip my friend and I look forward to catching up when you are back. The excitement is starting to escalate as I see you're ready to go. Say Hi to Steve Nash!!

  2. Oh Judy and Elmer, have a wonderful time. I was just saying to Terry last night, I wonder if they are flying or taking a trailer. I just smiled when I saw my question answered. We'll be waiting for pictures when you get back.

    Drive Safe.

  3. Happy, happy trails! Twizzlers, sudokus, Tim Hortons...great way to start out. :) What's this about no Tim Hortons? We have one in my community and I'm on the Yank side.

  4. Have a great least you'll be travelling in style!!!



'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson