Monday, October 22, 2007

when we all get together...

We don't need any excuses for family gatherings...but yesterday we had a few good ones. Heidi was celebrating her birthday and cousin Gillian (my niece) was out for the weekend from Manitoba. We had a potluck appetizer and dessert night here last night and had such a fun time!

The girls had been looking forward to Gillian's visit for a long time...they even dreamt about her last week. When they heard she was coming out for a basketball tournament, they thought maybe we could all go watch her play. What a disappointment that she would just be a spectator this time, and not out on the floor racking up the fouls! We wish you all the best at the Brandon University, doesn't sound like the studies are interfering with your social life.

We enjoyed a great smorgasbord of appetizers (forgot to take pic's of that!)'s always fun when everyone brings something. Heidi loves Broni brought a platter. I have to admit that I finally gave in and tasted sushi. I somehow thought maybe I could get through life without ever trying it and no one would notice. It was OK...what can I say?

Oh yes...and it seems there was some important game happening yesterday that couldn't be missed! When Dad arrived, he was wondering if we weren't planning on watching the ball game...he had been hoping it would be on. OK...why not? We had enough commentators on hand, so no sound was necessary!

The choir sang..."Happy Birthday, Dear Heidi", she opened her gifts, and now she's ready to face another year! Actually, we really do sound like a choir and once in awhile we sing more than 'Happy Birthday" or "Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow". I'll let you know when we cut our first CD.

I made Heidi a soft, furry throw cushion and wrapped it up with a few other things to tickle the senses...thanks for the idea, Vee. (taste...Lindt chocolate; see...framed foto; hear...CD; smell...a lovely miniature rose that actually never had much 'smell';...and the cushion for feel)

I have no idea whether or not the right team won last night...but there'll always be another game. Young and old, it was so good to all be together. It's called family!

It seems my feet are sticking to the floor I better go look after that.


  1. Oh, it just looks as if you had so much fun. What a great space you have to hang out together in! Truly lovely.

    I see your counter, but is it working? Set to private? ??? Honestly, I am flummoxed.

  2. Thank you! Your counter site was ever so much easier than mine. Better directions, etc., plus it actually works! Well, we'll see anyway.

  3. Oh I'm so glad that you had a wonderful time. The photos from above were a really good idea for a large gathering photo. It really gave a sense of your family togetherness.

  4. You have such a wonderful family... and your home is BEAUTIFUL! Happy Birthday to Heidi as well :)

  5. I loved that picture of Heidi on the hay stack! What a wonderful way to show us through your beautiful home.
    You won't believe what my next project is?? Not quilting, but crocheting an edge around a blanket for baby Maluga arriving at the end of November.....


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson