Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wonders of Wells Gray...

Waterfalls & wilderness...that's what Wells Gray Park is all about!

We made a quick trip into the park before returning home from our Thanksgiving weekend get-away.

Spaghats Falls

Dawson Falls

Helmken Falls

Helmken Falls is the fourth highest waterfall in Canada...and the neat thing is that you don't have to battle other tourists to see it (at least not in October!) Plunging 141 metres in a straight drop, this waterfall is about three times higher than Niagara Falls. We could see that they were prepared for lots of visitors, but we were there all by ourselves to view this awesome waterfall!

So if you ever plan to take in some of the wilderness scenery of British Columbia, I'd definitely recommend a fall visit. The foliage was awesome and the crowds home eating turkey!
I'm thinking this cabin at the park's entrance may not survive the next's perched rather precariously on the river's edge.

We managed to visit three different waterfalls (there are 250 waterfalls in the park)...but there were so many trails we would have liked to explore. Next time we'll make it a longer visit.


  1. Wow, what beautiful pictures. Waterfalls are my favorite.

  2. Those waterfall photos were impressive. I'd love to visit British Columbia one day. It looks amazingly beautiful.

    Thanks for visiting my little blog and I hope that you have great success selecting gifts for your dd. It was fun for me to think about how I would incorporate each one of those five senses. I'll be interested to know what you decide!

    Hope that you don't mind if I add your blog to my list?????

  3. This picutres make me want to pack a thermos of coffee and some bread and cheese and go adventuring in the parks.
    I've never been there . ..go figure.


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