Friday, October 12, 2007

cropping and cutting...

No, I'm not talking about scrap booking! When you live on a dairy farm, the entire growing season is about seeding & cutting the crops. The end is in sight for 2007! It was only six weeks ago that we brought in the last bales of the looks like Jeremy had a lot of help stacking the load.

We had a bumper crop of corn this year. We were forced to harvest the first field a little early, since the bears were spending their free time there and destroying the crop.

The last field of corn came off just before the Thanksgiving weekend...along with a little more mud than we had planned to drag out of the fields! The city workers showed up at the farm and informed us that we would need to clear all the mud off the road, or they would do it at our expense. No worries...once we were done hauling the corn, we removed all the mud and within a few hours of rain it was a clear 'racetrack' once again.

All the grass fields needed to be cut one more time before winter set in, but we have been patiently waiting for the past month for at least two days without any rain in the forecast...and waiting some more. Finally, our trusty weatherman tells us that we should have at least three rain-free the final chapter in the 'cropping' season of 2007 has arrived. I was outside with Ryder yesterday afternoon when we heard the tractor and swather coming through the fields. Ryder ran to the fence to wait for Grandpa...hoping maybe he could have a ride.

He was in luck...Grandpa stopped for him.

They cut grass until dark and will carry on today, and (providing the weatherman was right) we should have the last of the crops in the bunker by tomorrow evening.

And all that, so we can keep these ladies happy all winter!

PS So what exactly is my role in the whole 'cropping' thing? Mostly I keep my eye on the weather forecasts...make sure there's plenty of food & drink when and where it is required...and be sure to keep the social calendar free and clear! Oh yes, and having a camera handy helps.


  1. Good job farmers wife. What would they do without you?
    I love the farming pictures, I was just saying yesterday that dairy smells . .smell so much better than chicken smells. . .always have . .always will.

    I love your new signature at the bottome . .will you share that secret?

  2. What a life! What a beautiful farm with those mountains rising right out of the fields or so it appears. I love that your little grandson was able to hitch a ride. Bet it didn't take Grandpa too much persuading.

  3. I know farming is not an easy life but there is something about it that makes it seem like a perfect life.
    And there are always the smells. I drive by the dairy farms around milking time and love the smell that brings back my childhood.

    I love your photos... Helmken Falls - I was there 30 years ago and have always wanted to go back.

    I too, like Lovella , noticed and admired your lovely signiture..
    (of course you may link me, I'm honored)


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson