Wednesday, October 3, 2007

'tis the season...

Although we are barely into fall, the countdown to Christmas is underway. I was reminded of this last week as we 'picked names' for the Christmas gift exchange. We started a tradition years ago where we five sisters would make each other Christmas gifts...later on Jeanne (sis-in-law) also joined in the game. Busy as our lives all are, this is one tradition we've never wanted to end...despite the miles between us. The guys always joke about our 'name-picking' ritual, and are glad they opted out years ago. But I have a lot of 'sister gifts' that I treasure....

What could I possibly make that could measure up to that?

And while I'm in the Christmas project mode, I am reminded that I have several unfinished projects from last year. I'm thinking if I start sewing pyjamas in October, the grandkids may even have them for Christmas! I had good intentions last year, but the pj project got cut from the list in the busyness of December.

I'm working on Ryder's little boy pyjamas (I actually had trouble finding a basic 3-button pj pattern) & then have three pairs left to sew for the girls. I'm making them all out of the same fabric and think they will look adorable on Christmas morning! We'll see what Emme & Spencer think, since they never like to be dressed the same (so much for being twins).

Enjoy this season...and plan for the next, 'cuz it's just around the corner!
(There'll be no time to work on projects today...I'm off to help with a funeral tea & am hosting our 'care group' tonight.)

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  1. You have a good knack for writing. I think it will take me a bit..As you see I tend to shy away and use other peoples stuff...
    I'm not thinking about the next season yet, cuz I'm stuck on what I will write for my next blog!!!


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