Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the eagle's nest...

After a wet and blustery day yesterday, the skies brightened up a wee bit towards evening ... I bundled up and went for a walk. I thought I'd share my eagles nest with you...

...but this is about as close as I'm going to get. If you get out your binoculars, you'll see a little touch of white in that massive nest. The eagle pulled it's head in as I approached...

...and then set sail! She swooped and swirled above me...and since I really had not planned to upset the nesting process, I made a graceful exit.

So I'll be watching from a distance from now on. They are such beautiful birds!

And while we are talking birds, I will throw in a few more.

We see a lot of trumpeter swans in our fields over the winter months, but they look so much better floating on the ponds!

Blue jays are plentiful, but evasive on this particular day...they love the hazelnut trees.

I'll share a close-up photo by Linda! They are beautiful to look at...but not so nice to listen to (they have a rather harsh cry). They are the provincial bird of British Columbia...and are actually called stellar jays.

And so ends our bird tour for today!


  1. Thank you for the bird tour, Judy! We're not seeing many birds yet but are seeing some patches of grass where the snow has melted so that's a sure sign of spring!
    We used to have an eagle's nest close to our house in the country and they are amazing to watch!

  2. Those blue jays have the most gorgeous plumage!

  3. That jay is gorgeous and unlike anything I've ever seen. Obviously, you have the best looking ones on the West Coast. LOL!

    Those eagles are amazing. I tried so hard to click on your photo to take a closer look.

    The trumpeter swans look so serene gliding on the water like that. Will you be reading E.B. White's book "The Trumpet of the Swan" to your granddaughters? Great story!

    Do you really think that there are people who don't know what molasses is? That would be shocking!

  4. jon and i actually passed you on the road yesterday as you were walking! but i only realized it was you once we were already past you. looks like you had a good time on your walk :)

  5. These are the most incredible pictures i have seen lately in any blog so far.Almost all the pictures that i just saw,gave me so much pleasure and a kind of peaceful feeling.Thankyou for sharing the beautiful surounding where you live.By the way.. i'm Nitisha and i live in India.


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