Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Monday reflections....

It felt like a holiday yesterday...so I just let it unfold as it happened! We had breakfast with Lynn (cousin) and John, who were in the area for Easter...and caught up on what was happening in their world. By the time I got home, the sun was threatening to shine...and duty called! The weeds have figured out it is spring, and so I tackled the flower beds. It was quite perfect out there, and I didn't mind my job one bit. There was no need to stop for lunch, since we had already covered that at breakfast...so we took a coffee break in the afternoon instead. About that time, we had some visitors...
...who came ATV'ing across the field. (Well, Spencer rode and Emme ran!)

It must be spring, since this is the first time I've seen them out and about on their quad. Daddy thought farm girls needed one of these to get around...and somehow talked Santa into bringing them one for Christmas! It looks like it might just come in handy to scoot across the fields and pay Grammy a visit this summer. Just one thing...I know Santa brought helmets too, and I don't see them!

They had no time to stay for coffee today...just a quick 'hi' and they were off! There were important things happening at the farm and I should stop by and take a look.

I didn't have to go near to see what was happening! The big pile was going up in smoke.

Once a year we take out a 'burning permit' (available for farms only)...and light the debris that has accumulated over the past twelve months. And once a year, someone calls the fire department and they pay us a visit...we assure them it's all legal, and life goes on! Yesterday being a holiday, it seems no one at the fire hall was to eager to tend to our fire...so we burned in peace. As our area becomes more urban every year, things we once took for granted (such as lighting fires) are no longer permitted.

We watched the bonfire for a spell...and then Emme and Spencer took me to the barn to see the new calves. We had twin heifer calves born just in time for Easter...and you won't believe what they are called!

You guessed it...Emme's is Emme...Spencer's is Spencer. And since they are females we'll likely be keeping them around for a long time. I'm thinking they might need nicknames to avoid confusion...although the cows are normally identified only by the numbers on their ear tags.

This morning we have sunshine (at least for the moment!)...and we had a few coyotes slinking around the house as we were eating breakfast. There seem to be a lot of them around this year!

I plan to clean windows...do farm bookkeeping...and go to a Bruins hockey game tonight. Enjoy your day.


  1. so glad to see the girls in better spirits after the puppy incident. (it got me alittle misty eyed too)
    their little ATV looks soo fun... what happy farm girls they will grow up to be!!! LOVED the twin calves... do you know whatever happened to 'sarah the pig'??

  2. oops...Sarah the pig is in the freezer! What can I say?

    By the way...we had delicious ham for Easter dinner.

  3. Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog. You are welcome to use the shelve. I wish we were having the weather you are having. I love your blog. I love learning new things. I am going to add you to my favorites. Thanks again for stopping by.

  4. figured as much... Happy Eatin'!!!!!

    (had it happen to me as a kid, altho we were told it was chicken stew but it didn't qite taste right... pet Rabbits do NOT taste like chicken!!)

  5. i'm glad to see smiling faces on the girls and the calves are so cute. I love the way you enjoy those kids.

  6. Emme and Spencer zipping across the field either on foot or on an ATV makes me grin. How far is it across that field? It looks far.

    And new calves to help them take their minds off other troubles. Such perfect timing!

    Did I read somewhere that you drink tea when ill? Hmmmm? LOL! I just find it so hard to believe that anyone can be a complete avoider of tea.

    LOL about Sarah the Pig!

  7. I miss those girls, they are going to get into all sorts of shenanigans with the ATV! The calves are very cute. Can't wait to see you guys in summer!

  8. Hi Judy...I can't possibly tell you how much fun it is to visit you each day and hear about the children and all the things going on at your beautiful home and farm..Love seeing all the pictures..the grass is just grand! Love the calves...so different from my life....I wish for you a perfect day...Dee Dee

  9. I love watching those little girls on their quads. Teach those girls young and I can see them tearing down the field.
    I remember our kids riding their little 50 Yamaha's until they all burned in a fire.
    It was a great day for gardening and cleaning...

  10. In response to Vee's question...the trek across the field is about 1/3 of a mile...with a few zigs & zags and a ditch to cross (there are two bridge options). Mommy used to call me to tell me they were on their way...now the girls show up unannounced at times. It's much safer than the roads (a little muddier though!).

  11. I love that smile on Spencer's face in the first photo! So cute!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson