Monday, March 17, 2008

eggs galore...

There's a tall order to fill this week...

... but these ladies are up to the challenge!

Egg sales increase dramatically the last week before Easter, as shoppers stock up for Easter egg hunts everywhere.

And here at the farm, even the cows are joining in the hunt!

Memories of Easter's past always include eggs...and hunting for eggs...and good times with the rest of the family. A trip down memory lane is always I'll make a few stops at Easter's long gone this week!

I love this Easter cousin photo taken in 1989...of my children with their cousins at Grandma's house following the annual Easter egg hunt. Although they were supposed to be posing with their baskets, there's not many that are paying one bit of attention...they are more interested in their new squirt guns and the goodies!

Uncle Bill had a little help from my boys at his egg-painting party...circa 1981. Such fun!

So whether you paint, decorate, or just eat them...enjoy your eggs this week (and don't forget where they come from)!

Oh yes...I think this is the day you should be eating 'green eggs and ham''s an Irish holiday!


  1. Fun post! I love seeing the kids' photos, reminds me of my own kids' photos.

    Would you believe that I have never done an Easter egg hunt? Never. The weather is never good enough for an outdoor egg hunt. We've settled for doing an indoor Easter basket hunt.

  2. I enjoyed your post - lots of fun! Easter egg hunts were so much fun when we were kids...and coloring the eggs too. And the new Easter dress and hat for Sunday...

    The old photo are fun to go back and look at aren't they!

  3. Yup those hens are busy this week and have been for a few weeks already I'm guessing!
    Easter egg hunts are just the best, our grandkids all teenagers and older still enjoy the hunt every year!

  4. Those pictures are priceless. Great memories...... It seems we have always been able to have our Easter Egg hunt outdoors. This year we are having a barbecue starting at 6:00pm -- I have told our teenagers to bring flashlights for their egghunt. Should add some fun to it. Martha

  5. I'm still wondering about those cows eating the eggs. Maybe we have things mixed up.
    Easter hunts are so much fun.
    I can't wait till our little boys get bigger to make the hunt more difficult.


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