Wednesday, March 5, 2008's a sure thing!

A sure sign of spring in's Roll up the Rim to Win time at Tim Horton's!

Every spring Tim Horton's (our trademark coffee and donut shop) has a campaign where they give away many big ticket items, thousands of free coffees and donuts, and countless "please play again" prizes under the rim of their coffee cups. I don't need much of an added incentive to visit Tim Horton's (it's my favorite coffee)...but I'm always game to get something for nothing!

I never fared all that well on my winnings last I'm quite optimistic about the new season which is upon us. We have never scored anything beyond coffee and donuts in this household...but we have friends who have won both a bike and a BBQ. However, things are looking up...hubby picked up two cups of coffee on his way home last night...

and both were winners (a donut & a coffee).

The whole 'rim rolling' experience can be rather hard on the nails and teeth...they don't make it easy to roll up that rim! But here's the good news...there is now something called a rim roller (available at Lee Valley Tools) which makes the whole process virtually painless. It's worth checking into.

The birds also know it's spring! I'm not sure what the starlings were finding on the lawn this morning...

...but the crow and the red-winged blackbird know where there's a plentiful supply of sunflower seeds!

My little helpers filled up the bird feeder yesterday afternoon. They came running across the fields after school.... we had us a little party out on the patio. They checked out my garden and noticed that many of the herbs were growing...spearmint, lemon balm, parsley and a few things that could not be identified! We also pulled out the last of the carrots, which were perfectly crisp...and none the worse for spending the winter outdoors.

When it was time to return they ran, across the fields (carrying their bag of carrots).'s spring!

And in a few days we'll be enjoying the sunshine into the evening hours! Don't forget that the time changes this coming Sunday (March 9th) at 2 AM.


  1. Look at that green grass! Oh my! I'll be spending tons of time in your folder until I can find some of my own. Just know that you'll be shocked by how late that will be!

    Your granddaughters are such good helpers that they certainly earned their sweet party out on the patio. So much fun for you all!

  2. I love the Ravens and RedWinged Blackbirds...they are perhaps my favorite of crow family!!! I am planning Rice Pudding (I love it) for afters...or maybe for beginnings, too...

  3. Help! Can't find the Rice Pudding Link...911!!!!

  4. Gotta love 'Roll up the Rim'...
    I was inspired by your coffee cup and so on the way to Sarah's volleyball game this afternoon, I picked one up for me AND I WON A COFFEE TOO!!!
    maybe I'm on a roll!! (cause Vic won a bike about 8 years ago!!!)
    ps - congrats on Heidi and Tim's news...

  5. Such beautiful pictures! I miss the green so much! Here in my part of the desert there just is no green!! Oh I just can't wait until Spring! Thanks for sharing!


  6. you live in such a beautiful place,surrounded by blue mountains and green grass.its like heaven out there.May God bless you and your family.enjoyed all the pictures that you have posted.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson