Sunday, March 23, 2008

He is Risen!

He is Risen...
He is Risen Indeed!

The Easter Song by Keith Green

Hear the bells ringing
They're singing that you can be born again
Hear the bells ringing
They're singing Christ is risen from the dead

The angel up on the tombstone
Said He has risen, just as He said
Quickly now, go tell his disciples
That Jesus Christ is no longer dead

Joy to the word, He has risen, hallelujah
He's risen, hallelujah
He's risen, hallelujah

I'm looking forward to this morning's Easter's always so uplifting!

And I'm also looking forward to having the whole gang here this afternoon. What I had in mind looked sort of like this....

...but that was last year! And today we have rain...and it looks like we will have to abandon our plans to have our Easter egg hunt in the 'secret garden'. I'm thinking it may be an entirely indoor affair. As long as the Easter bunny delivers...the grandkids won't mind too much!

Sometimes the bunny brings a little more than Mommy can handle...

...and this is what happens when mommy says "enough already". I love being the Grammy at Easter!

Whether the sun is shining...or the rain is falling on your Easter parade...whatever the circumstances of your life...may you find joy in Him who is risen!

Easter blessings!


  1. Beautiful family! You'll make your own sunshine indoors I just know it.

    It's sunny and cold here, my dd is sick, and my dessert flopped, but it doesn't change the fact that He is Risen!

  2. Oh my blessed you are with such a beautiful family...I happen to think that rain or shine your Easter will be beautiful...

  3. I'm sure that you had a fun day finding Easter Eggs in your home. I bet none of the kids went home without any extra sugar.
    Did you used to hike on Easter Monday?


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson