Tuesday, March 18, 2008

that special Easter dress!

Here I was...fifty-two years ago, wearing the dress that brings back so many memories!

It was Uncle Jake and Aunt Maggie's wedding day...and I was the little princess (or so I thought). I don't recall many details of the actual wedding...but the dress ( a beautiful creation of pale blue organza and tulle) is one I won't ever forget!

The wedding took place on March 18th...and then Uncle Jake and Aunt Maggie left on their honeymoon. Upon their return, they came to our place for an overnight visit. Since it was the Easter season, they brought me a most wonderful Easter basket surprise...it was a metal bucket and shovel, chalk full of chocolates and eggs. As I recall...my dress was shortened and became my Easter dress. I could hardly wait to wear that dress to church on Sunday morning...but with overnight guests, the adults were more interested in sitting around the breakfast table and visiting than in helping me get into my Easter dress. So it became apparent that I would have to get myself dressed...and so I did!

I made my grand entrance into the kitchen modelling my beautiful Easter dress. As I turned my back to my mom so she could do up the buttons, everyone began to laugh. That's right! More than half a century has passed since that moment...but I still hear the laughter, loud and clear. And why were they laughing? I was wearing only a dress...no underwear...and no slip. I should have laughed with them...but instead I was mortified...and then came the tears.

I have many memories of Easter dresses...and new white shoes with matching purses...and hair in ringlets (that was quite a feat, for someone with poker-straight hair). But of all the many Easter dresses, there is none that brings back the memories quite like the one I wore at the age of four!

P.S. Happy Anniversary, Uncle Jake and Aunt Maggie!


  1. This photo is fantastic! No wonder you felt like a princess, you sure look like one!

    Isn't it funny about embarrassing moments? I can still glow pink remembering things from away back when, too.

    Happy anniversary to your aunt and uncle...such a beautiful couple!

  2. Oh my, what a lovely memory! I'm not sure which memory is better..the dress itself or the modeling of the Easter dress fiasco! : ) I too have fond memories of new Easter dresses, those great white patent leather shoes and the hats! Can't forget the hats! :)
    Have a lovely day!

  3. Hi Judy...I so enjoyed your sweet story of your Easter dress...It brought up special memories of my Easter dresses as well...and the "poofy" slips... What a precious childhood memory...and a beautiful little childhood portrait... :) Dee Dee

  4. Those are the kind of things that rob us from our innocence as children eh? and yet it's just so cute..
    Cute post and 50 years does not seem that long does it?
    Sometimes it's just like yesterday.
    Do you still get a new Easter Dress?

  5. Such a cute little girl you were. I love old photos like these.

  6. What a lovely photo...should I curtsey now? Picture me curtseying!


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