Friday, March 7, 2008

easter surprise...

I just love to see all the signs of new life out there!

These lovely pink blooms are blossoming in a neighbouring garden...

...and I'm watching my red maples sending out their first leaves. Thankfully, spring will be here in time for Easter...which is almost upon us! It seems mighty early this year...and for good reason.

Easter is a surprise holiday...we never know exactly where it will fall from one year to the next. Apparently it is always on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox. Based on this formula, this year is the earliest that any of us will ever be celebrating Easter. The next time that Easter will be this early will be in the year 2228 (which is 220 years from now). So if it still feels like winter in your part of the world...maybe that's why!

I've only got two weeks left...and lots to do. I'll be baking paska shortly (Easter bread)...which my grand kids love to help decorate.

They also look forward to making little bird nests every year. We make the nests from rice krispee squares...use jelly bean eggs...and place a 'little peep' in each nest. Even the wee ones can help with this!

So, I just thought I'd get you all thinking Easter...since it's only two weeks away. Don't let it surprise you!


  1. When I read your post and saw only 2 weeks till Easter I was a little taken back...and you are right it's true!
    I too need to get baking paska and peppernut buns.
    Such a cute pic of the girls with the "bird nests"!

  2. Oh yes about the blossoms...we are still so far from that it's only a dream! So I will just enjoy your pics!

  3. Those grands are so cute and what a neat cooking project!
    I get to see my Ky grands for Easter and I can't wait!

  4. Isn't it a great feeling to see those buds start pushing their way out?

    That was interesting about Easter; I some of that, but not that it'll be another 220 years before Easter will come this early again!

  5. I don't know how I missed this post. It's so pretty and you share such interesting information and the grandies are so cute making those clever creations. Such a great idea!

    This should be sent right over to Kari and Kijsa's "Homage to Spring" list STAT.

  6. I love the flowers, but the 2 little blooms in the kitchen are adorable!

    Thanks for sharing,

  7. Oh Judy, I almost emailed you in the middle of making (attempting to make) these sweet little treats today. I couldn't remember what you used for the eggs yesterday when I was shopping so I bought malted eggs. ROFL! They look like cannon balls in their nests. All I can say is poor hens!

  8. I love your idea for the little bird nests. What a fun activity to do with children. I really enjoyed reading your blog.

  9. I will be making these with my Grandaughter on Saturday!!!! Thank-you so much...Have a great night Mary

  10. Oh what a great idea to have Easter fun with your grandkids. I'm steeling this one. I do an Italian Easter Bread, with colored hard boiled eggs. I distinctly remember my grandmother preparing this for us. And she always used a little left over dough to make us our own little bread bunny.
    Thanks for sharing your traditions with us.

  11. Thank you for this sweet idea Judy. It was really fun to make and I love that there is no real formula but just a good imagination for little kids.
    Also. .the formula for finding the date of Easter. .thanks. .I was wondering about that.


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