Tuesday, March 11, 2008

rainy days & tuesdays...

It definitely looks like an 'in' day today...

...it's blustery, rainy and grey out there!

But that's OK...I have lot's of projects waiting to be tackled. My sewing machine has not seen any action in a long while, so today is the day!

Last week I cleaned out our bedroom closet and took a load of things to Bibles for Missions thrift store. While I was on my way out of the store, I spotted this frame and was rather pleased that for three dollars, I could take it home with me.

I found some old black & white photos of my parents that seeemed to suit just fine...

...and a spot on the wall that needed a touch from the past!

The frame around the curly-haired cherub (hubby...a few years ago!), was also one that I found at that same thrift store a few years back. I paid a whole lot less for it, than one I picked up at the antique shop! I rather like those beautiful old things...they suit my 'old farmhouse' decor just fine.

And so today, I shall sew a new spring outfit for a thrift store chair...and stool. If it turns out OK, you may just see it here one day. (If not...this is the last you will hear about it!)

Enjoy your rainy day Tuesday!


  1. Such fabulous finds via thrift store, or as it is now called "upcycling". We had rain all day yesterday and today is pretty gloom too. My big exciting project: clearing out my email inbox.
    My hat making muse is quiet, so this project is getting my attention instead.

    Doncha miss Lovella? Hope she is having a blast on her sabbatical!

  2. Love that first photo through the raindrops on the glass. Here it's spring break at the beach and for once the weather is great!

  3. Judy, what a lovely blog you have! I just took a stroll through your thoughts and joys. No cup of coffee, but the thought was there, and since it is the thought that counts.....
    It is nice to share with you!
    Laura (thoughts on life and millinary's daughter. Or Lovella's friend. Or Tiggie, FOC's aunt. The list goes on and on!)

  4. Great finds! The frame with the straps is so charming. It looks great in its new spot.

    I think you should frame that first photograph while you're thinking about pictures and frames. It's so artsy! Great eye, Judy!

  5. Oh, love the frame, what great pix! I love when I find something great when I'm donating a load of castoffs. Seems like the universe is all in order!


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