Monday, March 24, 2008

puppy love...lost!

The Easter weekend is almost behind us...a weekend of happiness and celebration for the most part. But there was also a great sadness next door for two precious little girls.

It was six months ago that an Italian mastiff pup named Nora arrived at the farm, amidst great excitement. Emme and Spencer couldn't get enough of their cuddly wrinkles puppy!

But Nora was a pup...and a very large one in no time. She outgrew the lap-dog stage very quickly, and was rather rambunctious. Soon the kids were afraid to go outside unless Nora was in her she tended to bowl them over in her enthusiasm. She graduated from her first session at training classes...but seemed to have a little difficulty recalling her trained behaviors at times. No jumping...stay away from the not chase the cats...stay out of the chicken not take Grandpa's not drag the barn garbage all over the yard...too many rules for a young'un to remember! But despite her unruly ways, the girls loved their Nora!

And Nora loved life on the farm. She was somewhat like a tempest in the milking parlour, and wasn't allowed in...but spent a lot of time watching the cows being milked through the open window.

That was last week...she won't be back for milking anymore. A few days ago, she darted onto the road...was struck by a car, and instantly gone! I got a phone call from two little girls awhile later, telling me between sobs that Nora was dead. My heart went out to them...but I couldn't make it 'all better'. They came for a sleepover that night...we made Easter treats...and they drew pictures of Nora...and wrote stories about the good puppy that she was.

They had a good sleep and in the morning they came down the stairs with their 'comforters'.

The stuffies come and go, but those blankies never change. The fleece blankets were given to them as baby gifts by my aunt (she would be their great-great-aunt). Aunt Kay could never have known that six years later those blankies still go to bed with them every night. Small things bring great comfort...especially when a puppy you loved is gone forever.

Puppies are so hard to have...and so much harder to lose!


  1. *Sniff*

    That was such a nice tribute to Nora...

    These first hard. How good that they wrote stories and drew pictures about Nora. It helps to be able to work a thing through.

    I need a blankie!

    Turkey vultures are ugly things. I mean u-g-l-y. Because they crash land in the trees...those trees are very close as you can can be unsettling. They are dead carrion eaters and I worry about what they'll think is dead...I no longer read on my back deck for example. LOL!

  2. Oh my! Your post has me in tears! You know what a dog lover I am, and my heart goes out to the girls! I know how hard it is to lose a beloved friend! We all need a blankie sometimes! :)
    Take care!


  3. It's so difficult to help little ones through these times, but what an opportunity to have the overnighter and just be there for them.
    There is nothing like a blanket...
    especially with the thoughts that your aunt made them and how useful they can be to comfort.

  4. . ..and this is why the world needs grammies. Who better to comfort little children when they lose their pups. I'm so sorry for your family. I know how frustrating it is to buy a pup, train a pup, feed a pup, fall in love with the pup only to see your money, time, effort and emotion instantly be taken away.
    I also know that this is part of farming as you well know and they will have another pup to love again.

    I'm so sorry for your kids.

  5. I was so sorry to hear about the lovely Nora...and her two little girls who are so sad. But sunshine will warm those dear little faces again and hopefully Nora went quickly and felt no pain.



'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson