Friday, June 27, 2008

the good old summertime....

Bring on those lazy days of summer...we are ready.

As of yesterday, the school year is over...we had a little celebration last night with Emme and Spencer, who have completed the first grade. How time flies! And the first long hot spell is on it's way, so let's just say that summer is here.

I love this picture of children enjoying the beach in another place and circa 1905. Sandown is a beachside resort on the Isle of Wight that has been captivating visitors since Victorian times...when broad seafront promenades and beautiful gardens and parks were put in place.

I have a book of postcards that are all over one-hundred years old...and this is one of many beautiful antique photographs from that album. My grandfather found the album in the attic of a house he once lived in...and passed it along to me when I was about 10 years old. I treasured it only for the stamps at that I am so glad that I kept Miss Lillian Arnold's collection of postcards...

...sent from around the world.

Summer may not look quite like the postcard around here, but it looks mighty fine the way I recall...

...and I'm ready for it. Family reunions...weddings, camping...beaches and bbq's...and a few trips in the works.

I also have a new text book that I am planning on using over the's called 52 Best Day Trips from Vancouver by Jack Christie...the favorite day-tripping destinations of a well known out-doors reporter. I see there are many wonderful places nearby that I have never you might just be coming along!

I don't think those chaise lounges on the patio will be used much this summer...too many places to go and things to see. Oh yes...we are off to Oliver for a family reunion for Canada Day!

Have a wonderful summer weekend!


  1. Canada Day coming right up, too. Yes, time really is zipping past.

    The girls look so at home on the beach. Glad that BC is finally getting some temps worthy of summer.

    We're still in the rain here and will be through next Wednesday, at least. I really want to finish all the painting projects, but they shall just have to wait.

    The tooth is gone...I'm feeling much lighter. I'll have to learn to smile in a new way for the summer. Oh drat! ;>

    you sound like such a good gramma, enjoy. i enjoy reading your post and looove you recipes.

  3. Oh Judy..that is a gorgeous old postcard. Uh huh..summer is here and you sound like my kind of 'traveller'...the local exploring kind. Maybe between you and Lovella with her GPS we will find all sorts of treasures on your upcoming posts!

  4. Oh the photos of the children on the beach...these are the good days...enjoy summer my friend...

  5. I'm ready. Let's get going.

    That book of postcards is such an incredible treasure. I would love to sit and look through it.

  6. Ah .. .I love this post. So summertime. . ish. So that is why you were making a triple batch of "klups" over at MGCC.
    It sounds like you will have such a wonderful time. Enjoy. . it will go so fast.

  7. Now I know why you made all those kulotten. I'm trying the recipe for Canada Day with family.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Oh do please take us along! I am ready to explore new places if only virtually.

  9. Such lovely memories from the past and look how everything stays the same...schools been out here for about 2 weeks now and I'm sure kids all over are worried that the summer will be gone before they know it...sadly, they're right!

  10. Lovely to keep those little bits of history.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson