Thursday, May 7, 2009

better butter...

I had a lot of fun in a kitchen boutique in Texas Hill Country recently...and brought back a few items that I would gladly recommend. The first one is a butter bell...which I heard about from a friend last summer...and then read about right here a few months ago.

It's always tempting to dip into the margarine...when the butter is hard as a rock in the fridge. However...when your livelihood comes from the dairy really shouldn't be dipping into anything besides butter. So my new butter bell has solved that problem...

...and I now have butter that is always just right for spreading. The bell is filled with slightly softened butter...and then inverted into the base which has a little cold water in it. Just flip it over and enjoy fresh, spreadable butter anytime. We quite like our butter bell crock!

Pastry brushes don't last too long around here...but I think I might have found one that will. A silicone brush works great...for everything from applying an egg wash to spreading BBQ sauce. Just throw it in the dishwasher...and it always looks like new.

I tried out a new twist on meatloaf yesterday...and will pass along the suggestion. If meatloaf doesn't sound all that exciting to about trying meatloaf pizza? I found the idea on the Farm Chicks blog...and went with it.

Make your favorite meatloaf...and press into a well greased pie plate. Top with sliced tomatoes, shredded mozzarella cheese and sprinkle with Italian seasoning...bake at 425'F for about 25 minute...and enjoy! We enjoyed a Tex-Mex version last night...topped with a layer of salsa, tomato slices and grated nacho cheese.

So those are my kitchen tips for the day. And on another dad is home from the hospital....and we are all happy about that!

Have a good one...


  1. Hurray! Glad to hear that your dad is home at last. He must be a very happy Canuck's fan and you must all be relieved that he is well enough to leave the hospital bed behind.
    Great tips - I've never before heard of a butter bell, and The Great Dane loves his butter!

  2. Yeah, Judy, that is good news for your family!
    I'll have to try that version of Meat loaf. My sons love tex mex. Dairymary

  3. Oh Judy, I am so glad your dad is home. .
    I have a butter bell ..
    I have a silicone brush. .
    but I've never had that meatloaf .. it looks really really good ..thank you Judy.

  4. Oh Judy that's great to hear that your Dad is home!
    I like that butter bell's new to me.
    The tex mex meatloaf would go over well here.
    I have the silicone brush but it isn't my fave..maybe it will 'grow on me'..grin

  5. One of my most precious memories is of helping my grandmother make butter in her cellar, when I was a child. She had a butter bell, in fact several.I can almost smell the cellar after seeing your picture. Thanks for reviving that memory for me. Prayers of thanks for your Dad's recovery and return home.

  6. How happy you all must be to have your dad at home. Is he on his own with a little help?

    Thanks for the link love. I linked off wondering where I was going. ;> Found myself popped right back on my own doorstep and then had to read my own fascinating post. ROFL! Anyway, I am glad that you are enjoying your butter bell.

    Now that silicone pastry brush looks like something I need. And the meatloaf pizza looks marvelous. Thanks for the suggestions.

  7. So glad he's home! I hope he does well now.

  8. You re so good at finding those handy gadgets! I'm so happy for you that your dad is doing better too.

  9. It has been a while since I visited...lots going on here.

    I am so glad your dad is home from the hospital. That was a long haul for all of you.

    Beautiful dining room table! I love how big your dining room is to accommodate it and your lovely family.

    Pictures of your grands birthday parties and tulip romping so fun!

    And the silicone pastry brush...I will be picking up one of those for my kitchen.

  10. How nice to hear that your Dad is now home from the hospital.
    I have wondered how the silicone pastry brushes work out. I would imagine that besides cleaning up nicely it is a bonus to never have bristles in your food :-)

  11. That meatloaf DOES look incredibly tempting!

    Your butter bell is interesting...not something I've ever heard of before. Lucky you, having your own fresh butter at hand whenever you like...there are certainly perks to being in the dairy business!

  12. I'm still alive and kicking....
    I thought I would quickly check everyone's site and I'm glad to know your dad is home.
    That meatloat almost had me inviting myself to your house for supper.
    Take care my friend.
    Auf Wiedersehn

  13. Love to receive new ideas and tips for my kitchen, and thanks to you, I did. The butter bell is a wonderful idea. We like butter and we like it, I will purchase one of these products. The pastry brush looks like it would last much longer than mine do. I want to try that also. As for the meatloaf recipe, I saw that on the Farmchick and copied it for my file. Yours looked like it turned out beautifully. As for your dad...what happy news. You all must feel so grateful.

  14. Judy, I shouldn't have come here just now. I haven't had anything to eat today, and you have made me want to lick the screen.

    I'm so glad to read that your father is home. Thank God.

    And, I love your new table.

  15. Your meatloaf looks delicious. Thought I was the only one who dipped into marg. when I forgot to get the butter out of the fridge.

  16. The butter bell is a great idea. I'll have to look for one. Can't wait to try the pizza meat loaf! So glad to hear your dad is home. Blessings...:-)

  17. Wonderful news about your Dad, Judy!

    I have a silacone pastry brush that I also enjoy using. I'll ahve to invest in a Butter Bell when I see one for sale. I never use margarine.

    That meatloaf looks and sounds good! Great idea!

  18. I saw the word "butter" in your title and had to come right over. The butter bell looks nifty! And, your meatloaf looks absolutely delicious.

    I once found an easy little trick for making spreadable butter. In a food processor, mix 2 parts butter to 1 part canola oil. It stays spreadable even when kept in the fridge....the butter taste is still there, and the saturated fat is less.

  19. Great findings Judy....

    Mmmmm the pizza meatloaf idea sounds good and different, I'll have to give it a try!!

    Have a blessed Friday!

  20. Silicone vote is a must have in every kitchen! Love the meat loaf idea! Kathy


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