Monday, May 18, 2009

On a Monday in the middle of May...a meme

It was months ago, that I was given the letter M...for a meme that would feature a few of my favorite things that began with the letter M. It wasn't that I had just always got pushed to the back-burner. And then I thought how appropriate it would be to feature the letter M...on a Monday in the middle of May. That's today!

Let's start with a few of my favorite mountains...

...and my #1 pick would have to be Mt. Cheam...the view from my front yard.

Or how about Mount McKinley?

It is ten years since we visited Alaska...and had a chance to see Mt. McKinley (also called Denali) up close and personal. It is the highest peak in North America and the centerpiece of Denali National Park...and most often the peak is lost in the clouds. We were fortunate to have blue skies and sunshine...and a clear view of 'the great one'.

How about a misty morning at the top of Mt. Thom?

Or a moon in the morning sky?

And of my favorite trees...several start with M. There's nothing quite like maple trees in fall...

...especially red sunset maples! Or the blossoms of the magnolia tree in spring...we have two magnolia trees in our yard...each in honour of the birth of a granddaughter.

And if I am in a need of a good fix of plants and gardens...I just head over to my favorite destination garden.

That would be Minter Gardens...which is close to my home...

...a peaceful place that I never tire of.

Oh...and then there are all my favorite M & M's...the people in my life whose names begin with the letter M. Let's start with my granddaughter...Maelyn....

...pictured here with my aunt Maggie. Then there's my sister...Mary Ellen. My sis-in-law...Martha. My niece...Megan. My friends...Marg, Mavis, Marlene. And then I have two more aunts that I must mention...Aunt Marg, and Aunt Margeurite. And a cousin Marilyn.

Foods? Well, I do like mangoes, mushrooms, mozza cheese, mandarin oranges...and melons (if they happen to be red in colour...and better yet served with rollkuchen!)...

...and muffins (rhubarb muffins are the flavour of the week).

Although I am not that crazy about mushrooms growing in my flower beds...
...I thought a mound of mushrooms on the mulch would fit the theme.

There's nothing quite like the smell of freshly mowed hay...and there was plenty to sniff this weekend.

And that my friends, is my attempt at featuring the letter M...on this Victoria Day Monday in Canada. Oh...and if you are so inclined to play the letter game...let me know...because I have a letter for you!

Have a wonderful Monday...


  1. I loved your 'm's' Judy! And of course gorgeous pics to go with them.
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  2. Great "M"s, Judy! I especially liked your favorite "M&M"s fully expecting you to tell me that the yellow ones taste best. :D

    Have a blessed and relaxing Victoria Day!

  3. Lovin' your M's and your beautiful photos. Happy Victoria Day. Blessings, Heather

  4. Wow, love those photos and Maelyn is GORGEOUS!!!

  5. That was fun, Judy. My Maiden name began with 'M' and the letter has always had a 'comfy' feel to it for me! :)
    Gorgeous mountains!

  6. Willows, professor gave me a letter ages ago and I confess. . .I lost it. .
    Your M meme. . is truly the best I've ever seen. Well done post for our holiday.. .

    Your photos were extraordinary!!!

  7. Judy, you have done the best M ever. I love all of your Ms.

    I was just telling my husband about your Mt. Cheam this weekend. I am anxious to show him this post.

  8. that meme was fantastic. happy Victoria day

  9. You should write children's alphabet books! I didn't know M was so popular! May your Monday be merry!

  10. Great job with the M's Judy. It was fun to read and the photos are breathtaking!!

  11. You have just blessed my few spare minutes over lunch, with your creatively done "M" blog post. Every photo was beautifully captured, especially the first exquisitely gorgeous!! Well, it is hard to choose a favorite. You certainly represeented the letter "M" in an artistic way.

  12. The letter M was certainly well illustrated by all your wonderful photos Judy! The little church reminds me of one I saw in Ireland. Your certainly have a lot of M's in your family ... how interesting!

    I'll try this long as you give me lots of time to complete send my letter when you have a chance. Thanks!

  13. Beautiful mountain pictures! I especially enjoy them as we have none here on PEI.

    And of course your favourite M people especially little Maelyn - what a sweetie!

  14. Marvelous, My friend! More, please!

  15. What a wonderful list of 'm's. I'm wondering if your family has a thing for the letter! smile !

    Your photos are lovely too!

  16. I must of smelled the M&M because you chose so manz wonderful things to describe zour sense of M
    I miss our walk and talks...
    Sounds & smells like the sun is shining in yzour area...
    Have a wonderful daz

  17. Magnificent! Merveilleuse! (sp?)
    I noticed in the photo of Maelyn that she has little angel wings...

  18. Just started this blogging to keep my aging mind agile. I don't know what a meme letter is but I will take one. Your photos are out of this world. I was drawn to your blog due to the tulips, and all your pics.


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