Monday, May 11, 2009

the weekend that was...

We had sunshine and blue skies over the was exactly what the farmer ordered...since there is still much spring work to be done. So while the guys were busy Friday afternoon swathing down a field of grass... granddaughters were out on the freshly mown hay...flying their new kites. They had a little help getting them up in the air...and then the wind just kept them afloat.

And while the kites flew high...

...Bentley lay on the sidelines and watched it all from afar. He is just the best farm dog they could have wished for...a gentle giant of a dog!

When the afternoon's kite-flying adventure ended...Emme wanted me to see her 'pet cow'. Where everything is black and white...Emme has made friends with the oddball in the crowd. When she shows up...her pet comes a-running. Too cute!

Quite intrigued by their kite-flying abilities of the previous day...the girls were back out there first thing Saturday morning. I was quite surprised to see them in my backyard...

...they had walked clear across the fields to my house...managing to keep their kites in the air...and away from each other. Oh what fun!

And while some of us were having seemed there was trouble out in the field.

When the equipment is standing still...and guys are standing around scratching their heads...I know there's a problem.

There were dark skies a-coming...and a hockey game that was on the evening's thankfully the breakdown was not too serious...and the grass was in the bunker before the puck dropped. That's not to say there won't be more grass to cut tomorrow...but we take it one day at a time...down on the farm!

Yesterday was a most memorable Mother's Day...from start to finish. We were invited to the kid's next door for breakfast...and a wonderful breakfast it was! From there it was off to church...which was all about honouring moms. A mother and daughter shared what an impact the faith and prayers of a godly mother had in their lives.

And for lunch...we met the rest of our family at a wonderful local restaurant...

...where we enjoyed East Indian cuisine. Other than naan bread and butter chicken...the dishes were mostly unfamiliar to me...but so good! And the complimentary dessert...and roses for all the moms was a nice touch.

And since the sun was still shining...and the day was still young...mother and daughter decided it was as good a day as any for a game of tennis. We had a fun time...and a good game...and let's just say that the daughter never let her mother win...even though it was Mother's Day!

As I mentioned several days dad is home from hospital and on the home (or so we thought). It turns out that we now need to make an appointment to see he was out and about...galavanting...last night when we wanted to stop by. So thanks to all of you for your well wishes and prayers on dad's he really is doing so much better.

It's Monday...have a wonderful day!


  1. Ahhhh, life on the farm looks glorious. What a sweet picture of Emme and Spencer flying their kites high and so expertly!

    Yay for your dad! He's not going to allow any moss to grow under his feet. Good for him.

    (Sorry about that loss on the courts. The greats do lose every now and then. You'll beat the stuffing out of her next time. ;>)

  2. OH Judy .. it looks like a great weekend. I love the kite flying. .it was windy here too.
    And . .the picture of the field work. . NO work in the fields today ..they can get in the house in plenty of time for the game.

    I'm glad you had such a good game. .and that your Dad is now hard to track down.

  3. It sounds like a perfect weekend - family, food, a little hockey........what else could you ask for?

  4. All the sharing of great family days reinforce my hopes and prayers for our country. All you hear on the media is all the terrible stuff. I thank God for the gift of families. The pics of the kite flying are great.

  5. Hi Judy

    I'm glad the weather held out and the farm work was able to be finished. Whenever I see your farm photos I am reminded of my sister-in-law (my older brother's wife) who's Dad had a dairy farm in Ireland. I visited a few times over the years and I loved seeing it progress from a rustic farm to a very modern one. I think Emme's cow looks very intelligent's sweet how she knows Emme.

    Bentley does look like a faithful and gentle dog.

    Good to hear you Dad is out and about, but I just hope he doesn't overdo it too much! You probably can't hold him back, however, so at least he's enjoying himself while he can.

    I like Indian food -- it's spicy but healthy! Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day even if you lost the tennis match!

  6. The picture of thunderclouds over the mountains is awesome. You live in such a beautiful part of the world!

  7. What a unique and interesting post today, from your gorgeous part of the world. Kite flying, working in the fields, Indian cuisine, farm life...all so fascinating to someone who does not live on a farm(although I do live in farm country that looks so different than yours does). Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading everything you posted.

  8. The farm pictures, the kite flying girls, with the mountains in the back look like a scene in a movie! How special that these grands can just walk across the field to Grammy's house.
    I know of some other grandchildren who would love to do that. Yesterday Julene told me that Tehya, who is 6, would easily get on a plane (if they let her) and come and see us for two weeks and not even miss Mom and Dad. And 4-year-old Paet has been sad and missing Canada, even though he has lived in Indonesia most of his life. So you can see that this all looks like a dream to me . . . but I'm happy for you!

  9. Sounds like a delightful family weekend. You are so blessed to have your family around you.

    By the way I left out a step on the Phad Thai. You should check back if you fix it :)

  10. Wow what a gorgeous day you all had on Mother's Day. And dinner looked so yummy!

    "Happy Monday", back at ya.......

  11. What a special daz- Looks like the weather is not alwazy holding out...The farmer out here is spreading manure and then we know its raining.
    Sounds like a fun daz for zou.
    Hope zou get all the grass in soon.

  12. I'm so happy to read that your Dad is out and about once more! And thanks for the nudge to get in a little kite flying soon!

  13. How wonderful your photos and the sharing of family...brings back delightful memories to me!


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