Wednesday, May 13, 2009 British Columbia

According to statistics....we on the west coast are really into fitness...and exercise. Yesterday felt rather like winter out here...

...with fresh snow on the mountains...and just not too conducive to exercising in the great outdoors. I spent some time in the dentist's chair...and then moved to a chair over at the hair salon.

And, since that all didn't require a great deal of exertion...

...I joined in an exercise that most British Columbians were involved in yesterday.

We went to our assigned polling station...and exercised our right to vote.

It was no surprise that our local representative will be returning to Victoria for another term in office. He has seemingly done a good job...and we wish him well as he seeks to represent those who elected him. Tomorrow the signs will be coming down...and I am always glad to see them go.

Premier Gordon Campbell was re-elected with a large majority yesterday...and will be serving his third term in office. In tough economic times...the voters chose to cast their ballot for a government that has proven it can weather the tough times.

I wish all our newly elected politicians in British Columbia much wisdom as they begin the job of governing. We exercised our it's up to you to exercise wisdom in Victoria.

As for exercise for the day will include playtime with a sweet little curlyhead...and stirring things up in the kitchen a wee bit.

Have a wonderful day...


  1. Your weather is just like that poem I have in my sidebar...have you seen it?

    Yay for the elections being over and going well. It's a huge relief.

  2. Yes, I did the same exercise yesterday. Our riding returned the NDP incumbent - a good man. It was disappointing that the Liberals chose to run a not-very-effective municipal polititician/bar owner/good old boy. It was no contest.
    It sounds like you had a day of self maintenance with visits to the two chairs! Don't you love to get things like that done in one swoop?

  3. Must be a relief to have the elections over with. Whenever you share pictures of your mountains, I find myself wanting to visit British Columbia. I bet you are exhausted from all of the exercising that you did yesterday. Hope you got to rest today.

  4. Sounds like a good turn out and results for your election Judy.

    My day was spent gardening. I have a very small front and back yard but they seem to take up a lot of time when I start working on them. It's fun to be outdoors more this time of the year ...I'm sure your weather will turn nice again very soon.

  5. Judy. . .I am with you on your thoughts about us exercising our vote. . and I do hope and pray that those we trust to govern our province do so with wisdom and some good old thinking. (was not impressed with the wood sign issue which we learned about the day before the election). . think people. . think. .

    Oh but what fun you will have today . .and yes. . it is exercise too, I'm always bushed after that particular kind.

  6. Sounds like my kind of exercise...

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  7. Blessings on your country as they head into this new term.

    My two favorite things to do these days, make cookies in the kitchen or mud pies in the garden. I find it is my exercise for the day too. Phew!


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