Friday, May 8, 2009

flowers from my mother...

Sunday is Mother's we all know...since the merchants have been reminding us for weeks. The days of shopping for a gift for my mother are long past...since she has not been here to celebrate the occasion for some nine years. She loved gardening...and flowers...and would be thrilled to know that the plant with the bright yellow flowers she once gave me... blooms on in my garden. It is no longer one plant...but many...and bursts into bloom just before Mother's Day every year. So thanks, Mom, for the flowers...I am enjoying the garden and on the table.

I was looking for a photo of mom and me (I struck out on that count)...and found this picture of mom taken at a Mother's Day family picnic. It was possibly the last Mother's Day she ever celebrated with us. I just had to laugh when I saw this photo...because mom would not want to let her Mother's Day corsage go to waste...and so she wore it to our picnic. We are left with lots of wonderful memories!

Also in full bloom in my garden right now...are the bleeding hearts.

They are a sweet reminder of my mom-in-law...who adored them and made sure I had a plant of my own. Once she no longer had a garden...I brought her bouquets of bleeding hearts. Memories of Mother's Day of the past...

...always include times spent with my other mom as well.

Both moms reached the end of their journey...the same year. I think of them often...not only on Mother's Day...but every day.

For all of you who still have a mother to share the day with...make it special...since we never know what tomorrow may bring. Oh...and take a mother/daughter photo to mark the occasion...or you will wish you had!

Happy Mother's Day weekend to you all...


  1. Yes. . .take a mothers day photo . . I still have my mil. . and I intend to have my photo taken with her. . this sunday.
    Judy. . your flowers are lovely and just such a great reminder every mothers day. . I too have a few flowers still from my mom. .

  2. Very good advice, Judy.
    The post brought a lump to my throat - the flowers did it!
    My mum will be too far away on mothers' day for a photo, but I know we'll chat, and I know I'm very fortunate to still have here. I'll spend the day with my daughter-in-law who is really in the 'motherhood trenches' and deserves lots of appreciation and support.

  3. Judy, i still miss my Mum, even after 15 years. I treasure plants that she gave me, and that have travelled with me through different countries.........and survived and bloomed.

  4. I will remember to have a photo taken with my daughters this Sunday. Wish I would have done that with my Mom.
    Beautiful flowers and memories Judy!

  5. Another lovely tribute...I will take what you suggest to heart.

  6. Good idea - take a photo this Mother's Day with your children if your mother is no longer here. I can't remember having an adult mom-and-me photo either. Maybe we're meant to appreciate the memories without a photo reminder?

  7. A very beautiful post Judy! My Mom looks very much like yours! My Mom will be 87 this summer, and although she is slowing down a little she is still very independent. I do try to enjoy our time together as much as possible as I do feel time passing so quickly these days.

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your children and grandchildren this weekend!

  8. Judy, your flowers look beautiful! I love that you have a plant that has reproduced itself from one given you by your Mom and that it blooms around this time of year!
    Today I want to take a picture with my Mom when we go out. Thank you for reminding me.

  9. Even though your mother-in-law was not my real Grandma, I remember her as one in a lot of ways. I have so many fun memories of Heidi & me playing the Game of Life and eating candy over at her place. Of course, I also think about Grandma every day too. I can't believe it's almost been 9 years already - I was telling Adam last night all about her, and remembering her, and wishing I'd spent more time with her before she passed. It's hard not to take things for granted...and then it's too late.

    Love the flowers too! So pretty! I miss the BC spring so much - it's beautiful! I've always wanted some bleeding hearts, but I don't think they'd like it out here...

  10. Your blog was perfect for this weekend. Yellow is a perfect color for Mom, so bright and strong looking. Happy Mother's day.

  11. no pictures of you with your mother??? I'm thinking now if I have one of the two of us...not recent....uh oh. That better be recified.


  12. What a lovely post for mother's day and such a good suggestion to get a mother/daughter photo. Your flowers are so pretty and how nice to still have some that were passed along from your mom.

    Happy Mother's Day to you.

  13. What a sweet post Judy! Memories...loved going through your blog and enjoyed seeing your cruise pictures. How fun that must have been! You have a beautiful home to! Happy Mother's Day Judy!


  14. You brought tears to my eyes with this post dear friend. Tears for you knowing you do not have either mother to celebrate with, and tears for me just thinking about loosing either mother. Once again, a beautiful and inspiring post. I loved both of the pictures. What dear, caring ladies that you have to remember. Pretty picture of you too. Happy Mother's Day despite the big voids in your life.

  15. Enjoyed your post Judy. I now wish I had taken a snip of the flowers from our last home that had come from my mom's garden when I was growing up in Victoria. Your garden bouquet is lovely! Kathy

  16. How precious, Judy ! a sweet/teary post!
    I have determined to have a photo taken of me and my mom together this Sunday. I don't think I have one since I was little.
    I love that you have flowers blooming that your Mom gave you .. what a sweet blessing!

    Happy Mother's Day...

  17. Awh Judy, precious tributes to all the moms in your life. Hope you had a blessed day!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson