Tuesday, May 12, 2009

fields of spring...

There's nothing quite like country-living in the springtime. When the sun comes out...the fields come alive with colour....

...and even the weeds look quite lovely in bloom.

The beef cattle nearby have been put out to pasture ...and the young ones are are sticking close to mamma.

It's harvest time in the rhubarb fields in our neighbourhood...

...and the rhubarb in my garden is finding it's way to the kitchen table in one form or another.

If you are hungry for rhubarb pie...or a rhubarb streusel pie...I posted the recipe over here.

It's Tuesday...election day in British Columbia. Make your vote count!

Have a great day...


  1. Spring has arrived over here, at last, too! I thought I'd never have rhubarb, but there are a few stalks - and some asparagus - in the bits and pieces of garden out back.
    Yes - let's all vote....it's our once-in-four-years chance to have our say!

  2. Great pics! I esp love the one of the barn, cows and calf..I am a farm girl at heart!
    I'm in awe of the large rhubarb plants! I'm imagining all the 'rhubarb goodies' that crop would yield!!

  3. Yes, the dandys do transform a field to a beautiful thing. Rhubarb...can't wait to harvest some of mine...a few more weeks, I'm thinking. God bless your election day!

  4. Gorgeous scenes! I would surely faint to suddenly see mountains beyond the fields around here!

  5. Happened upon your blog and am thrilled to see your are from Chilliwack. We are practically neighbours with my living in Aldergrove. I will frequent your blog often!

  6. I love the farm scenes even if I'm not a farm girl. We all need to eat and may God bless the hard working farmers!

  7. Beautiful photos, Judy. Your part of our world looks so pretty and peaceful. Rhubarb doesn't fare very well here. I think it is a bit too warm, so mine will be coming from the grocery store. I will keep that pie in mind as it looks delicious.

  8. It has been so long since I had a slice of rhubarb pie. You are making me want a slice.

    Everything looks so pretty there.

  9. Your beautiful country pictures are wonderful Judy ..
    We voted .. did our civic duty even though we are not concerned about our riding. .but hey ..if everyone said that. . who knows. .

  10. The pictures of the barn and the cows make me feel right at home...only I am far away. The rhubarb plants look so healthy and green. I truly look forward to making that pie. It looks like it would be so good with that streusel on top, and some vanilla ice cream with it. Spring has finally arrived for you.

  11. Hi!!
    We,re eating asparagus every day...
    Today we shopped abit, and relaxed once again, before taking off for a few more days on our own...
    Thanks for bringing the country to light.
    We.re totally living it!!!

  12. Hope the turn out for your election was good!

    Your fields look lovely and the pie even lovlier. Wish I had a piece of that right now!

  13. Your pictures are wonderful. My rhubarb is doing well, and I'm going to try your recipe for rhubarb streusel pie. It sounds so delicious.


  14. I love that view of Mt. Cheam! I wish I could see it from my place ☺

  15. well too bad we don't live next door - I sure envy Elmer, your family and friends who come to your gourmet bible study :-).
    I will just have to do some baking on my own. Thanks for the ideas!
    My rhubarb will be just perfect for this, Ute


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