Thursday, May 28, 2009

think pink...

I know the route to my favorite garden shop well by now...and yesterday found me making my way there once again. And much as I enjoy all their beautiful plants...
...there's nothing quite like the blooms growing wild and free along the roads.

The wild roses are out in full force. They may be the official flower of Alberta...but they are the unofficial flower of my neighbourhood! Ahhh...the scent is exquisite...and a welcome addition to our 'country' air.

A touch of pink along the fenceline brightens up the landscape.

The rhodo's are at their prime...

...and the pink dogwood is just beginning to put on a show.

I came home from the garden shop with a trunk full of plants...and some local strawberries. They are being grown in greenhouses in our neighbourhood...and are so much better than the imported ones available in the grocery store.

The sun was shining and we had Mile High Strawberry Dessert for supper...I posted the recipe over at MGCC blog...if you are interested.

Enjoy your day...


  1. Oh dear - just when I'm wondering what I'll look like in a pair of shorts up pops this mile high dessert! Will I resist? Probably not!

  2. What a beautiful post today, Judy. How wonderful to be surrounded by all the pink flowers and the lovely scent too. I'm heading over to copy the recipe. It looks fabulous. Our local strawberries have been delicious this spring.

  3. OH Judy. . .your pictures are so lovely. . .it makes us all want to run outside. . .why would we be indoors when there is such a gorgeous spring out there.

  4. I have all my spray paints to do my out door furniture if it ever stops raining. A great post today. We can never get enough of flowers.

  5. Now, you must know this is just my kind of post. Pink plus flowers plus strawberries. What more does it take for perfection?!!!

  6. Beautiful pink flowers and a new "can't wait to try" strawberry dessert...I am so glad I visited your blog today, and everyday. I hope we get to see your flower beds part way thru the summer.

  7. Judy, that looks so pretty and tasty. I love all your pink flowers. I need to take Avery and pick some strawberries this year. Maybe she'll try them if she picks them. You have such a pretty countryside.

  8. I have been enjoying strawberries quite a bit lately ...just adding a sprinkle of sugar or a little light whipped cream.

    I grow a few window boxes with strawberry plants, but the berries are still small and I hope the birds don't eat them first!

  9. I love pink...always (except for pepto bismal - sp?). Beautiful pictures and looks like strawberries complete the day for a lovely spring getting ready to "summer"! Thanks for sharing ..

  10. Beautiful colors!! This is my first visit but I will be back. Your farm is beautiful.


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