Saturday, May 30, 2009

when CBC came calling...

When a CBC news van shows up at my front porch...I would be more than willing to talk, right? A blogger always has a lot to say...and would jump at the chance to say it on the evening would think. Not so.

The CBC news crew did show up here yesterday afternoon...and when I saw the cameraman setting up...I voiced my strong objections. I had my opinions all right...and I saw what was happening on the freeway next to our farm...but there is no way I would go on camera and tell all of Canada about it. Give me a keyboard and a computer screen and I'll talk...there's always the option of deleting if it doesn't come out right the first time. After a little begging and pleading on their part...the nice people from CBC realized they wouldn't be getting an interview from me.

Yesterday was rather like a 'hot day in July' over here...with sizzling temperatures...and not a good day to be stuck on a freeway...going no where. A serious traffic accident involving a semi-truck shut down the Trans Canada Highway adjacent to our farm again yesterday.

All afternoon the vehicles were stationary...and sometime mid-afternoon the CBC News crew arrived and set up just down from our place to get a piece of the action inaction. It is becoming a rather too frequent occurrence...with MVA's shutting the freeway down for hours at a time.

The people from CBC never totally struck out at our place though...the farmer drove into the yard just as I was sending them packing. He was more than willing to give them a piece of his mind...and so he did. I had to stay up to watch the late news last night...just to hear what he had to say.

I don't usually post on Saturday...but it's not every day I turn down an offer from the I just had to post it...for the record. To all of you who are out and about on the roads this weekend...may you have safe travels...and may you arrive at your destination in good time!

Enjoy your weekend...


  1. Traffic accidents are horrible things, and recently the investigations seem to be taking longer and longer. We have the same thing happen here, where the Malahat Drive is the only way up-Island and a crash can close it for hours. I'm with you, though, and would stay clear of the cameras!
    I hope you don't have to be on the road this weekend. I'm staying close to home!

  2. Much of the detour traffic crawled past an intersection very close to us(even stopping and blocking the intersection). A large number, thinking they were wise to take a 'better' route, ended up doing an extra country block past our place, and when they found that this was a no exit route, and that they had done an extra block for nothing, were driving real fast past here, only to join up with the queue at the intersection. I heard there were no serious injuries this time - good. Dairymary

  3. Another bad accident involving a tractor trailer...that must leave you with a sick feeling, watching it all unfold. I think you are a smart lady, to stay clear of the cameras. Once said, you can not push the backspace button, like I do so often when blogging. I have to think how all the schedules of so many people, change in an instant. Hope you stay safe this weekend.

  4. Well, I was one of those stuck in that 'inaction' yesterday. I worked at Langley and had heard of an air-lift to Royal Columbian at about 2 p.m. Then got to Chilliwack on my way home to Agassiz and found myself at a dead crawl. I did take the next exit off the freeway, but the traffic on the sideroads was just about as bad - my usual 1 hour drive home became more than 2. It's awful to think of the injuries and possible deaths when these kinds of things happen, and I try to remind myself that it's more important that the victims get their care than that I get to my destination on time. The most amazing thing to see was the number of vehicles that drove along the shoulder, and not slowly, to get to the next exit. One was a semi, and I really worried that there'd be another incident in the middle of that mess and no way for emergency crews to get there. One light moment in all of this - a little boy standing at the side of the road with a huge sign 'washroom here'. At least somebody was trying to help.

  5. and again, i was stuck in it lol. my 10 minute drive home took 2 hours. i watched the news last night and was glad to hear that everyone survived

  6. It seems those serious accidents are so common on a major highway. We live near a major artery from North to South in central USA and see many and know that someone we know and love is out there, going or coming from the city. The media is everywhere these day to fill up so much space. This week our little hometown had a murder (21 mo old child) suicide (28 year old frustrated father) the national news were all over it.
    Stay safe.

  7. YOu know Judy. . as much as I think I'd love my moment on TV .. I really wouldn't want it on someone elses tragedy. . .and so I can totally relate to you. NOW. . had they be coming to ask you how you feel blogging in general is good for the country. .well. . that would have been different.
    It is so sad . . how many accidents continue to happen on the freeway.

  8. Another terrible accident? How sad for all involved. I hope that the highway department investigates to see how they can make that area safer -- if it is drivers fault then I'm not sure if that can be done, Everyone seems sot be so much in a hurry these days and so many drivers take dangerous risks.

    I would never talk on TV either -- I'm too shy for that! How did your husband sound and look?

  9. Now that we are in the car and traveling to MT today...this post is too real. In fact we are driving through Sacramento at the moment and the traffic is very heavy. Makes me so anxious, glad Pat's driving and I'm clicking away on the laptop, geez!

    Praying for safe travels today and tomorrow....


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