Friday, May 29, 2009

can you wait?

I love the enthusiasm and the excitement of kids! It's almost contagious. My grandson gets really excited about upcoming events...and is always looking forward to something. "I can hardly wait!" is a favorite expression of his. After repeating it to me a few times...he looked at me and said, "Grammy, can you wait?" I guess he was wondering if I get excited about things as well.

Even a few treats at a tailgate party out in the field are worth getting excited about! Lunch has been delivered to the field on a few occasions this everything is about getting the spring field work finished.

Hubby was planting corn yesterday...something he's really good at...

...since he's been practising for almost four decades. He has one more field to plant...and then it's all done for this year (maybe even today).

Grammy can hardly wait!

Have a great weekend...


  1. Very sweet. . .both you and your little excitement coach . .I love how a child sees what has become way to common to us big people.
    What a blessing that your expert corn sower has had such amazing weather. . . enjoy the finish.

  2. Your hubbie is planting corn and you're delivering lunch and both of you are making memories for a little fellow - priceless.

  3. It is pleasing to the heart to hear stories like this. Five of our children lived on a farm once, in a tenant house, farmed by my husband's brother. A temporary thing that lasted 9 years. It was wonderful. We were not able to buy this place, since it was not for sale. After we moved nearer my husband's work, we had another daughter, 7 years younger than the last daughter. It is like they grew up in a different world than our youngest daughter. It had a great impression on those kiddos, I promise you.

  4. Isnt' that the way it has become for us as we get older? We can hardly wait for the things we want to get over with and the work to be done, but we can wait for the special things because the anticipation is so much fun too!

  5. Thoses grandchildren of ours certainly hold our hearts.

    I hope Grammy has fun when the planting is complete. ;-)

  6. I spent many summer days on my uncle's farm when I was young. I would help my aunt make and serve lunch to the guys in the field. It is hard work for the guys, and their appetites would show it. As I read your post it took me back. Your grandson will treasure these memories, and someday like me, he will remember his special times with you.

  7. A farmers work is hardly ever done is it, Judy? What great satisfaction there must be in watching it all grow and produce, and how wonderful it must feel to be part of God's miracle!

    Your darling grandson has the sweet exuberance of a child ... it's good to remember that feeling and look forward to everything so joyously!

  8. aww... that is soo cute! Kids are priceless!

    As I read your post .. I thought....I think God someimes looks at us and asks.."Can you wait?"

  9. Love that little boy on the tailgate. That statement's been around for a long time.."I can hardly wait'..I still use that!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. I love how little children get enjoyment from the simplest of things - I feel that way myself :)

    Love the picture of your dh in the filed with the mountains behind. what a view!

    Now I'm going to check out your strawberry recipe - ours wont be ready for a month or so but I want to be ready :)

  11. oops - field - need to check my spellcheck


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