Tuesday, May 5, 2009

supporting the home team

It's game day over in this corner of the world...where everyone is wearing their team colours...and flying the Vancouver Canucks flag.

It seems Canadians have always been a little crazy about hockey...and even those of us who rarely watch a game...catch the excitement when our local team makes it to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

If you happen to be out and about today...you will notice Canuck flags waving from the windows...and blowing in the breeze on many a vehicle.

And...even in the hospital...the patients wear Canucks jerseys (as they watch a Blue Jays game on TV)...

...while a Canucks flag flies high at the bedside. There would be even more cheering from this room if the patient could go home today...but it seems he will still be watching the game from his hospital bed. After being side-lined to this very room for the last month...he has high hopes of returning home soon (oxygen tank and all!)

So we are all in a cheering mood over here...

...where everyone (and their dog) is supporting the home team!

Have a wonderful day...


  1. Excitement is high over here too - how could it be otherwise?!
    I'm glad to hear that the fan in the hospital may soon get to come home to cheer the team from the comfort of his own chair!

  2. It all sounds very exciting and I'm glad that your dad is well enough to have caught some of the fan fever, too. That's a good sign. Praying for him to get sprung soon. Now in a strange mix of metaphors, I don't have a horse in this race (I must check to be sure) so I can toss my hopes in with everyone there. I just checked; I'm rooting for ya...Go Canucks!

  3. We have our flag up and hoping for a good game tonight. The grands will sport their jerseys as usual all day today and we will watch the game with them tonight. Such fun. Looks like your Dad is a good sport to be cheering on his team from the side lines. Hope he can go home soon. Kathy

  4. Sounds like Derby week in Kentucky and football in Kentucky, the Wildcats. Prayers for your patient. Would like to follow your blog.
    Peggy in Kentucky USA.

  5. Great picture of your dad.
    Yes, we'll be holding our flags high tonight, but first we need to watch European soccer.
    I love all those flags waving.
    That's why I will be wearing my Canadian Flag socks soon.

  6. oh yah. . .we are super excited about the game tonight. . .it's our turn to win.
    I love the photo of you Dad. .now that's the spirit.

  7. Your Dad IS a great sport! I sure hope he gets to come home soon That would be something to cheer about.

  8. What can I say but 'Go Canucks Go'!
    Your Dad..now that's a true fan! Hope he can come home soon!

  9. Your daddy is looking good. I hope he gets to come home soon. That's a neat picture of him. I pray you guys are all doing well.

  10. How sweet to see your dad in the hospital room wearing his jersey! I hope he is "released" very soon. Is that a computer in his room?

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  11. Go Canucks! It's an exciting tournament.

    I'm sorry to see that your Dad is still hospitalized, but he appears to be holding his own and improving each day, and hopefully he will be able to finish treatment at home soon.


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