Monday, May 4, 2009

who is one year older?

Since I had you all confused as to whose birthday we were actually celebrating yesterday...let me set the record straight.

We like to make the celebrations worthwhile at our place...and so we have three sets of double birthdays. Ranen celebrated her third birthday yesterday...and she will always share the date with Auntie Broni.

What had been planned as a picnic...landed up being indoors, since the weather looked quite unpredictable. When it came time to serve the birthday cake...Ryder wasn't all that thrilled with having Ranen share the spotlight with his he got in on the picture.

We finished singing 'Happy Birthday'...and suddenly Ryder had icing all over his face. We are not quite sure how that happened!

Ryder and the birthday girl had a little romp out in the pasture...Emme and Spencer played a little soccer...Maelyn had a fine time swinging...and soon the party was over!

And since the day was still young...and I had a long-lost cousin in town to catch up with...

...we walked the Vedder River Trail towards evening. It was a fine day...from beginning to end!

Enjoy the day...


  1. Judy, it looks like you had a lovely day. The weather turned out quite nice, although somewhat nippy. The Vedder River Trail is somewhere I'm wanting to get my bicycle back to again. It's near where I grew up, before there was a good trail there. Dairymary

  2. It looks like a fun day and I love how you capture Ryder in his antics. He makes me laugh.

    The birthday gals are lovely and Ranen must grow fast to keep up with her beautiful long hair. Such a sweetie pie.

    A long-lost cousin? Sounds like a lot of fun and what a pleasant place to get caught up as you walked that trail.

  3. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday - a celebration, grandchildren, a good catch up with a 'long-lost' and some exercise for good measure....does it get much better than that?

  4. Don't you love a birthday party? Those are two beautiful birthday girls and Ryder is just a pr3cious imp! Love the pics, they invite you to go walking!

  5. Sounds like a busy day for you, celebrating, but I love how you ended the day, a walk along our favorite trail.

  6. That Ryder .. .I love him .. he is the funniest little duck ..and Ranen. .oh she is a little doll and Broni . .just a beautiful daugher in law. . but the picture in the pasture. .I'd make that into a print . .

  7. The photo of the 2 kids in the pasture is precious! It should be enlarged and framed. What a good eye to catch that moment!

  8. You have some beautiful photography there ... and I like the way you can laser a photo onto a cake. We have some double birthdays in our family too, but in both cases the birthday people are not living in the same country right now. (saying "right now" helps make it not sound like it's foreve, right?)

  9. Sounds like a lovely day. The photo of Ryder and Ranen in the pasture is beautiful.

  10. Well thanks for explaining who the mystery birthday people!

    Bless your hearts, it looks like a fantastic day all the way around!

  11. I absolutely love the picture of Ranen and Ryder in the tall grasses. I know you guys must have had so much fun. Yummy and cute cake.

  12. sweet family pics :)
    love the one of ryder with icing on his face

  13. Happy belated birthday to Broni and Ranen! How nice to share a birthday date together --their cake looked so pretty!

  14. What a beautiful cake and I love the pic of the children in the grass Judy.


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