Thursday, May 14, 2009

off to whistler...

We've invited the world...and they are nine months time. But are we ready?

My sister is here...on a short visit from Texas...and we're on our way to Whistler to check things out. I'll let you know how ready they are!

Have a great day...


  1. Good for you, Judy, for taking your responsibilites as a citizen seriously. I'm sure you'll be able to point out to the powers-that-be just where they've still got work to do!
    Have a great time and do let us know how things are going up there. I've never been - and am not likely to get there until all the excitement is a memory.

  2. Enjoy your time with your sister!

  3. Have a great time. Hope the weather is good!

  4. This must be such an exciting time to anticipate. I know it will be a proud moment.

  5. Hope that you have a lot of fun! How can you help it with a sister visiting all the way from Texas?

    It dawns on me that it's going to be great having an inside seat at the next Olympics via my BC blogging buds.

    (On a side note, it has taken nearly thirty minutes to be able to comment. I can't even access my own blog. Either it's Blogger or my computer is croaking. I don't think so, though, I can get everywhere else.)

  6. Can I just say, you have a beautiful country and big beautiful skies.

    Have a great trip with your sis.

  7. How exciting Judy! I can't wait to have a virtual ringside seat along with you! I love the Winter Olympics and all the sports involved with it.

    Enjoy your together time with your sister!

  8. The world is booking flights and rooms...and hopes BC is ready for action!

    I have a suggestion for you: When I visited Whistler with Lovella and Becky two years ago, neither one of them could answer my librarian-ish question of "Why is it called Whistler?"

    I even gave them the option of coming up with a tall tale about it.

    I've since learned why...and challenge you to learn as well to answer any queries that might come your way soon!

    ("British Columbia" is opposed to ???? American Columbia? South American Columbia??? And what is the name Chilliwack all about? We've got you have answers???)

  9. I hope you and your sister have a blast! Let us know!


  10. What fun it will be spending time together with your sister. Judy, are you going to be cooking for the world??? Since I know Mennonite girls can cook, I thought maybe they recruited you and your sister. You could do, I am sure you could. Have a great time, and please take pictures for us.

  11. Oh do have a wonderful and safe long weekend Judy. I love Whistler in summer or winter and spring too for that matter.

    Shoot. . my word verification is squaler. . if you were heading other places I could have used that. . but not at Whistler.

  12. Sounds like big fun! I must say it is beautiful country there.Outstanding.

  13. Love, love, love the new tulip heading. Your pictures are always fabulous...that's one of the reasons you have an award waiting at my blog.


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