Tuesday, May 26, 2009

cowbells and rösti...

When I think of Switzerland...I think of lush green pastures and twisting country roads and high mountain passes...

...of cowbells ringing throughout the countryside. And mostly I think of our friends who live in the French part of the country. And I smile...as I think of the good times we have had when we visited them. They were excellent tour guides...and took us to places that no tourists go.

We picnicked on Mont Soleil...visited the caves where the Swiss Mennonites secretly met to worship in the 16th century for fear of persecution...

....and observed a Swiss wrestling match.

We saw glaciers...crossed lakes...and rode a gondola to the top of the Schilthorn.

We spent some time at the homestead where Pierre grew up...

...and met his mother and enjoyed produce fresh from her amazing garden.

The food we enjoyed while in Switzerland are dishes we will never forget...we had raclette, fondue and rösti...and cheeses that we had never before heard of.

Pierre's mother invited us for dinner...and prepared a traditional Swiss meal which included rösti.

She was a warm and hospitable lady...who bustled about in her cozy country kitchen to serve her Canadian visitors. When I think of true Swiss dining...I think of eating in the Boegli kitchen.

Rösti is a dish made of grated potatoes (somewhat like hashbrowns) and fried until tender on the inside with a crunchy golden crust.

I've tried my hand at cooking rösti recently...and if you are interested in having Swiss-style potatoes...I posted the recipe right here.

Thoughts of our time spent in Switzerland bring back many wonderful memories. Oh yes...and today I am remembering that Ute is celebrating a birthday....and sending birthday greetings her way...and wishing her all good things in the year that lies ahead.

Have a great day...


  1. Happy Birthday Ute!
    I love Switzerland, such a beautiful country..was amazed at how close the winding roads took us past their homes.

  2. Happy Birthday Ute! Judy . .I recall how much you enjoyed your time in Switzerland and seeing yet more pictures today .. .make me know that we must find our way there sometime. It is just gorgeous countryside.

  3. That recipe sounds delicious. Some of the most beautiful country I've ever seen are the pictures of Switzerland. How wonderful that you have spent such good times there. Some of the most amazing cooks in the world are tucked away in their homey kitchens, I'm sure.

  4. Just think how much I learned today in my visit to your blog. Since my ancestors came from Switzerland and Germany, I was thrilled to see the pictures, learn a bit of the food and read about the country. It looks like it would be a beautiful place to visit, and thanks to you I had my chance to do that this morning.

  5. Switzerland is a beautiful place to visit and how special that you had your own tour guides to welcome and bless you there. We stayed in a French speaking family's bed and breakfast. It was beautiful, but we could not commmunicate. I thought that with my German I would have no problems in Europe, but it's not spoken everywhere.

  6. I love Switzerland too - my beloved and I spent 3 months at L'Abri - it is also in the French part. What a beautiful place! I wish that I had had my digital camera back then :)

  7. Another lovely trip. Switzerland is pure romance almost everyone. Romantic in tradition and history. My favorite subjects. Thanks for a great blog.

  8. Dear Judy, I feel God sent you women to me just at the right time. I was bordering on a little depression, since I had to change gears in my life. I look forward to sharing each day with you through blogging.

  9. Happy Birthday to your special friend. And, thank you for sharing your wonderful memories.

    I will try that recipe. I believe my family would enjoy this.

  10. Zum Geburtstag Viel Glueck Ute.

    Ah the Schweiz....such wonderful memories for me as well.....but did you know that in the three days that I was there, I didn't see ONE ALP! It was rainy and foggy the whole time.......sigh.
    I must really go again, and hopefully is will be sunny!
    Did you eat Raclette?

  11. Andy and I spent 2 days in Zurich on our way back from our 3 month visit to Kenya in 1996. What a beautiful country.

    Happy Birthday to Ute!

  12. What happy memories!
    We lived, for a few years, not far from the Swiss-German border and spent many happy weekends exploring. I developed a taste for Raclette and have made it a family tradition at Christmas time.
    Herzlichen gluckwunsch zum geburtstag, Ute!

  13. Much Happiness to Ute!

    A surprise re-visit to Switzerland...has it already been two years since we were there? People say that the mountains above Salt Lake City look a lot like the Swiss landscapes. I agree...and enjoy it a lot! Now I can make Rosti after a run up to the mountains and feel like I'm getting the whole Swiss experience!

  14. I hope Ute had a wonderful birthday, Judy. What wonderful hosts they were during your visit. Switzerland is a beautiful country.
    Pierre's mother's garden reminds me of my maternal grandmother's. She feed herself and six children from her garden after she was widowed young.
    Rosti looks delicious! I love potatoes in any form and I know I'd like this way of cooking them


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson