Tuesday, June 2, 2009

anticipating winter...

Winter is actually quite far from most minds these days...especially with the hot summer weather we've been enjoying this past week. However...on some level we are getting excited about next winter...as we here in British Columbia are gearing up to host the 2010 Winter Games.

For most of us that hasn't required a whole lot of prep work...we just made sure we got our bids in on time to get tickets for some events. But there are many who have been busy working behind the scenes...and I happen to know one of those people very well. My son-in-law is part of the company that is an official sponsor of the 2010 Winter Games...and as such, has spent the last year or two totally immersed in preparing the housing for athletes and officials.

Britco was awarded the contract to design and build two permanent facilities at Whistler Athlete's Village...as well as temporary accommodations for close to 600 officials.

A few weeks ago I stopped by his workplace unannounced...and Tim was kind enough to give me an impromptu tour of the Britco plant. While the permanent buildings are being completed on site at Whistler...at the plant they are currently busy completing the modular homes which will be used to house officials. In partnership with VANOC and B.C. Housing...these structures will be part of an innovative social housing project.

After the Games, the units will be relocated and converted to 156 permanent affordable housing units in five communities across our province. What a great idea!

As I mentioned recently...I thought I might just get a sneak peek at the lodge and townhouse project that are near completion while I was in Whistler. But no amount of name-dropping got me through the very tight security.

But...here is a photo that was taken from the air not long ago...with the marked areas being the Britco buildings that will be housing athletes during the Olympics.

So that is the Olympic 2010 update for today...brought to you from 'My Front Porch'. And if you are still thinking of trying to get tickets for any of the events...there are more tickets being made available on June 6th...including opening and closing ceremonies. Or sign up to volunteer...and be a part of the Olympic experience in Vancouver!

It will be hard to think of winter in any way, shape or form today...with temperatures soaring to record highs in our area. Have a wonderful day...and stay cool!


  1. Oh how wonderful to be awaiting something that important in world relations. Last year Ky. hosted the Ryder Cup in golf and it was fun just to be caught up in the preparations. I am not a golfer anymore but follow every tournament on TV, and will follow the winter games too.

  2. Well, Judy, you had me worried with the word 'winter' in the title of your post! We've waited so long for spring!
    How exciting to have an insider's view of the preparation for the games. I think that the idea of re-using the housing around the province is a very good idea - makes the Olympics an event that gives more than a couple of week's worth of enjoyment.

  3. Thanks for that 'look around' Judy..good to hear that the housing will be put to good use after the Olympics are over.

  4. Thanks for the updates Judy. It is interesting to know how these things are actually done. I like the idea of recycling the buildings.

  5. I found this to be a very interesting post. I enjoy anything to do with building construction since that has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Seeing what goes on behind the scenes fascinates me. How nice that you have a son involved in this work. I'm sure receiving the contract to do this work was exciting for them, as it always is to be awarded the contract to do a job.

  6. How interesting to get a behind the scenes look. There must be a lot of excitement building in your area as you wait for this wonderful event. I know we will be treated to a lot of great posts from you during the Olympics. I will look forward to it.

  7. Hi Judy
    I really wish I could go, but it doesn't look like that will happen, so I'll rely on your wonderful first hand accounts. It's so exciting that your son-in-law is working behind the scenes!

    I like the idea of recycled housing! I hope future Olympics will take note of that.

  8. Oh my Judy...what an interesting post. I too was worried when I saw the title...as I am sweltering here in the City...I would assume that it is much hotter out there as is usual! Britco huh...mmmm..wonder if 'your' Tim and I would have ever crossed paths in my line of work...certainly others from Britco come to mind...but I don't have a business card with his name.

    Thanks for the update on the Olympics...very interesting indeed. I love that the 'recycling' of the tarilers ae going to take place! Have you heard of the container homes designed for downtown homeless residents...made out of train car and truck trailer containers? Cool eh?

  9. Judy .. .you will certainly be our official reporter. . I will trust your stories of the games first .. .hands down. I also know someone involved with the transportation. . and know several people that will be volunteering. ..

  10. I love the Winter Games...Summer Games not so much...I can't say why...I don't have a clue...but I'll be watching!


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