Monday, June 22, 2009

garden tour extraordinaire...

It was time again for the annual "Great Garden Escape" in our community this past weekend...a fundraiser sponsored by the Rotary Club in our community. It's an opportunity to tour some of the most fabulous gardens in our area...and three of us sisters make it an annual outing.

So...I'll take you along on the garden tour tickets required...and you can leave your umbrellas in the trunk. (That's right...after a month of no measurable precipitation, it is raining!)

One of my favorite gardens...was that surrounding a century old Tudor-style home...situated on a creek that flows through the city.

With new sub-divisions totally surrounding this would never have known what lay hidden at the end of the lane.

The gardens sloped down to the water...where the ducks played.

The large trees...this one was on English chestnut...were likely as old as the house...but most of the shrubs and flowers had been planted within the last nine years.

We visited several amazing gardens on tiny city lots...where every square-inch was utilized in creating a garden paradise. The most amazing small-yard garden...was one located in a sub-division which was part of our raspberry farm a long time ago. Where once raspberries flourished...someone with a creative bent and a passion for passion for plants...

...has a unique garden with many delightful nooks and crannies.

Featuring pools, ponds, outdoor dining rooms and sitting areas...there was no need for a lawn mower. This garden has been featured in the "Gardens West" magazine...for good reason!

It's always fun to see the garden art ideas...things like a a garden bench made from a recycled door.

One of the larger gardens on the tour...was that adjacent to a large commercial 'gerbera daisy' operation.

How nice to wander through the gardens...and be serenaded by a young violin trio as we toured.

The gardens were designed by the owners...and included water features and bridges...

...and horses grazing in adjacent pastures...

...and inviting spots to stop...and rest awhile. Who wouldn't find this yard appealing?

After completing our tour of their private gardens...we discovered that we were welcome to tour the greenhouses as well...and what a treat for the eyes that was!

Under acres of glass...we discovered daisies in every shade imaginable. They are grown for the wholesale market...finding their way to flower auctions and on to a florist near you.

Not on our tour...but also along our route...

...we passed by this duck pond which is covered with a mass of lily pads...all in bloom. The pond lies behind our public library...and is a fun place for kids of all ages to feed the ducks.

We ended the day with a tour of my sister's garden...

...and it's not at all shabby! Maybe it will be included in the official garden tour one of these years.

Have a great day...


  1. Wow! How blessed I am to have a tour like this without an admission cost. Every picture is so beautifully captured, and the meticulous landscaping is inspiring to me, especially after a weekend of rain. My weeds are multiplying, so I needed to go on this tour with you. Your title fits this post perfectly!!

  2. That was lovely - thank you! I especially liked the tiny garden that used to be part of the raspberry farm. Do you come away from such a tour inspired? Lots of ideas, I'll bet!
    I'm in your neck of the woods this week - heading past your town and across the river for a very loooooong day!

  3. It seems like each garden has it's own unique noon and cranny...
    It's interesting how many things you can sometimes incorporate into your beautiful home.
    I think your home should be added to this tour next year.

  4. Wonderful tour. Our town does one of those too. The Master Gardeners Club does it, but you have to pay. It is a fund raiser. I loved the old door.I like the idea of some big fancy ones and some regular ones like mine. Blessings

  5. What a relaxing tour! Beautiful photos..

  6. What a great mosaic, Judy! Have you linked up to Mary's Mosaic Monday? You should!

    What an exquisite garden with violinists and that hammock? Oh be still my heart.

    I suppose that by now you are needing the rain so I won't express my condolences. We've had so much that the basement is again flooded and I'm ready to head for anywhere with sun.

  7. fabulous pictures! i didn't know we had a gerbera daisy farms here. would love to see those

  8. That must have given you so much pleasure, and I'm sure you came away with all sorts of ideas too. I know I would have done. Thank you, I so enjoyed the tour.

  9. Thank you for taking us along on the delightful garden tour Judy! I've always enjoyed peeking at other's backyard paradises.

    My garden is so small it would be considered miniature.....But I grow as much as I can as I love to watch nature bloom!

  10. I'll have to take in a garden tour. . .I'm always amazed that you are so on the ball . .signing up in time. .instead of noticing the tour in the blog there after.
    I could do with some new ideas. . .always could use new ideas. Thank you Judy. . .you make a great tour guide.

  11. Oh, just gorgeous. Thank you for the tour. I'm intrigued by those tiny city lot gardens....very good idea....and no lawn to mow there!

  12. I so enjoyed the garden tour. You plants grow so lush in your climate. It reminds me of England.

    How wonderful to be serenaded while you enjoyed your "Posy Walk".

    Your mosaic for father's day was a treasure.

  13. Judy, thanks so much for sharing these photos. I am constantly looking for garden inspiration. Wish I had the creek running through my yard to create something so enchanting!

    Very glad to have stumbled upon your blog from Just a little something from Judy! Look forward to reading more in the future.


  14. Oh ! i wanted to do that garden tour.. but didn't make it! You make me really sorry I missed it!
    Your photos are beautiful!
    I love gardens with tucked away little retreats. I so admire the gift some people in creating gardens!


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