Wednesday, June 10, 2009

have you got mail?

I'm pretty quick to blame Canada Post if the mail does not arrive in a timely manner...or goes missing completely. But for the most part, we have a dependable (if not speedy) postal system.

When I am looking for speed...why, I just peck away at the computer keyboard...hit 'send'...and in seconds my message is received by the eager recipient at the other end of the cyber-line.

That, in theory, is how it works! But on occasion...things don't go as expected. Case in point...

I have only one son-in-law...who happens to be the best! When I have computer is he that comes to the rescue. I had a new printer that needed installing, and so I sent him an e-mail at work see if he could schedule some time for me. No response! Then I sent him another e-mail with some pic's attached...requesting his feedback. Silence! Things were pretty busy at his place of work...and so I thought he just never had time to deal with his mother-in-law. Several days later I talked to my daughter...and asked her if Tim had mentioned the e-mails. Tim knew nothing about the e-mails. He checked...they were not in his in-box or in his trash. So he asked me to re-send them...and I did. Then he called to see when I was sending them...since they had not showed up. So I sent them again. At this point, Tim realized that mail from his mother-in-law would never be coming through to his in-box at work. He called in his high-tech superiors...who had no explanation of why the mail from my e-mail address could not be received. The IT guy who was trying to solve the problem...finally asked Tim whose e-mail address it was. He had a good laugh when he heard it belonged to 'the mother-in-law'...and suggested that Tim must have blocked my e-mails intentionally.

Does this look like the kind of guy who would block his mother-in-law's e-mails?

No way! Not only is he a wonderful son-in-law...he is also the best daddy to his little girl. Maybe I'll send him an e-mail and tell him so...and hope that the e-mail arrives at the right place.

Have a great day!


  1. Isnt it infuriating when you send letters and photos and they never arrive? Where are they......circling around in cyberspace somewhere? doomed never to find a place to land!
    Lovely photo.

  2. Very cute story.My brother made a CD for me for my 60th birthday (as he came from another province to surprise me,and made a CD of the whole party)So he mailed it in late Jan.09 AND I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED THAT ONE!!!!but he was able to make another,and I thought that one had traveled for 3 months..LOL.Love your blog BTW!!!

  3. A great story. I did my signature like you have but I don't know to get it to my post. Can you help me? I saved it to my documents. Who knows. Blessings

  4. funny . .. makes you wonder who's reading your mail. I have a brother with the same name as Kathy's dad and I think he got one of my emails intended for my bro once. I know a dot can make a big difference in Mennonite names...but I know you would have figured something simple like that out.

  5. A very cute way you have of telling that story. It sounds like another mystery of the internet.

  6. Hi Judy

    What a nice photo of your son-in-law and grandchild.

    I wonder if his company blocks e-mails for some servers or sends it directly to spam. I know a few people who are not able to receive AOL e-mail at work because of that problem. Sometimes it helps if he places your e-mail address in his online address book as then it is recognized as not being spam.

    I will be really busy for a few days and I'll catch up again with you next week. Have a good week!

  7. My emails have gone missing lately too. . .how annoying.
    That boy sure does not look like the kind of guy who would block his mil. . .no way. . .it's got to be someone in the email business that is making us ladies crazy.

    I've been also having problems. . with emails popping in. . and out. . and that drives me demented. . .

  8. I had a similar situation happen to me although I never did find it. Good story...son-in-law blocks his mother-in-law's emails. Maybe you should cook his another one of your amazing meals.

  9. I love the mail box picture and I am glad to have come for a visit.

  10. Well we all know about 'snail mail' but I thought emails weren't that slow or at least they shouldn't disappear now should they??
    I agree there is no way that your SIL would block you!!

  11. Ohh.. how frustrating! and NO he definitely does not look like a sil that would block his mil's e-mails... but maybe his computer has determined that you are 'junk' just like your computer decided I was 'junk'. Did he check? smile...

  12. Does he have that old 50's song "Mother in Law" as the ring tone on his phone? Is he mysteriously away when you visit? If not, then I'd say that the cyber gremlins are to blame.

    Great photo of the mailboxes!


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