Monday, June 8, 2009

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park is just a few minutes drive from my doorstep...and so it has been a favorite spot of ours through the years. It happens to be the sixth highest waterfall in Canada...with the water tumbling almost 400 feet over a smooth rock face, creating a bridal veil effect. With all the warm weather of last week...the snow on the mountains has been disappearing rapidly...and the waterfall has an abundant supply of water rushing to the valley below.

What better place to go for a Friday night picnic with the grands...for our 'post sports day' party?

They were most intrigued with the menu...walking tacos. To my knowledge...walking tacos aren't a commonly served dish out here on the west coast. In fact, I had never heard of them until my brother from Iowa told me how they served 'walking tacos' at all their summer outdoor functions (from camping outings to ball games to fund raisers). You use individual sized bags of nacho chips, tortilla chips or corn chips...crush them slightly...then slit open the bag along the side. Then start layering your taco salad toppings...hamburger taco sauce, salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, grated cheese sour cream...and anything else your heart may desire. Stir up your gourmet salad with a disposable fork...and eat right out of the bag. Guess dishes! What a fabulous idea...not sure why I'd never thought of this before.

The girls were quite impressed with the whole thing...but decided that they couldn't sit at the picnic table to eat 'walking tacos'...they were meant to be eaten while walking. Okay!

Once the picnic part was over and done was time for a trek up to the falls.

There were signs warning of bear everywhere...and so we made a whole lot of noise as we walked!

We have many pictures taken at this very spot...the viewing platform at the base of the falls. Signs suggest (quite strongly) that this is as far as hikers should go. I've been coming up here since I was a kid...and in those days there were no signs...and no viewing platforms...and not much of a trail...and we would hike much further. But now...we watch from afar. And it is still spectacular! This won't likely be the last time I'll be posting about Bridal Veil Falls...our own little the foot of Mt. Cheam.

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Judy . .wonderful. We have also enjoyed your falls . .they are free and spectacular. I recall the rules about the falls being much less strict too. ..
    It is nice to see your walking tacos get a good test run.

  2. I think you are a brilliant grandma, serving walking tacos on a hike...what a great idea!! I am sure your grandchildren will not forget this hike. It seems to me, that you live in an area with amazing parks surrounding you. This definitely would be one of my favorite and I do hope you post other pictures of it. You are creating so many special memories for these children.

  3. What a delightful post - for so many reasons!
    I've passed those falls many times, but never had the time (or was dressed for hiking!) to have a closer look. I think I'll have to plan ahead one of these days.
    I'd never heard of walking tacos, but will bring them out as a surprise one of these days - brilliant!

  4. You truly do live in a beautiful place. How nice to have these falls so close to home. I always enjoy seeing the great memories you are making with your grandchildren. I had never heard of walking tacos, but I can see how they would be a lot of fun for kids (& adults too). I hope we do get to see more posts on the falls.

  5. What a lovely spot to have minutes away from your doorstep! Your grands look like they were having a memorable time. I never heard of walking tacos either -- in fact I never heard of tacos until just a few years ago :-)

    There is an area outside Boulder, Colorado very much like the Bridal Falls. When my son lived in Boulder he took us there. Most of the year the falls are mild and narrow but with Spring melt they become a beautiful roaring waterfall. There are lots of warning signs there as the melt can happen quite quickly and people have been swept away if they went too close during that time.

  6. Bridal Falls is a favorite of mine as well. Andy and I got engaged there!

    Walking Taco's has now been officially added to our menu for camping...thanks Bill!

  7. What a perfect way to wrap up Sports Day! I can't imagine what it must be like to have the third generation of family in the same area . .. doing the same things.
    Maybe, hopefully, I'll get to watch the second generation someday with one branch of the family here.
    Your pictures tell of a perfect, wonderful day! I'm so happy for you!

  8. You're giving me lots of ideas for when I'm a grandma! What a fabulous picnic, and those walking tacos are brilliant.

  9. That is where I went a couple of years ago on a trip to Michigan and into Canada on a train ride. I have a video of the falls, beautiful. I love the walking Tacos. Got little ones coming tomorrow for a picnic, and that will be perfect.

  10. There is a bridal Veil Falls in UT. The base what quite green and lovely with trails abounding very similar to yours. We used to love to go there and have picnics as well. We now live in AZ where there are no falls and no green sadly. (or at least not nearby)
    Also, My hubby's grandma is 93 and her favorite food is walking tacos. We have them each year on her bday. We don't do the disposable stuff though, we just dump it all on a plate. Same yumminess though!

  11. you do the best stuff wuth your must be a wonderful blessing to your family....
    i didn't know that tacos in a bag is called walking tacos.....our sporting events with the kids always sell those at the cantene,yet i have never bothered to make them that way....good picnic idea that is for sure.

  12. love Bridal Falls and Othello Tunnels; two of our favorite summer spots

    and i am going to have to try your walking tacos. such a great idea

  13. The ¨Walking Taco´s¨are a brilliant idea and I certainly will add that idea to my collection of ¨future¨ ...thanks for sharing. Your grandkiddies must have had a marvelous time..and you are right in that BVF is a super place to go.


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