Thursday, June 25, 2009

ready, set summer!

Two girls...who are very dear to my heart...say good-bye to the second grade today. Where have these years gone?

This postcard announcer arrived in my mailbox the other day...and I thought I recognized the sprinters. It seems they did a little running...and a little promotion...for an event at Auntie Heidi's boutique.

Last week they invited their class to the farm for a year-end party...

...where their dad took them on a hayride. They had a chance to see the cows being milked (a few lucky ladies got an extra milking that day)...took part in a scavenger hunt...ate s'mores...and played.

I laughed to see eight children using the old swing set...

...all at one time...and wondered how much longer that piece of equipment would continue to provide amusement for kids. It was purchased a very long time ago...when our children were little. We passed it on to friends when we were done with it...but they delivered it back to the farm when the grands arrived on the scene.

And now summer is in full swing...and we are in camping mode (as we speak)...come rain or shine.

Have a great day!


  1. I didn't know whether you were still snuggled in those blankets are whether you were rained out...
    Great post of your twins...
    The sun is supposed to be shining shortly.
    Have a wonderful camping trip.

  2. What joy...grandparenting and summer. I bet those children will never forget their day on the farm, and the big old swingset. We had one when we were growing up and I love all of those fun memories. Hope you have a wonderful time camping!!

  3. I loved that story. Nothing better than a farm trip. Blessings

  4. Oh how special. . .and isn't your summer off to a splendid start. . .
    Love your little ones. .

  5. Something so special about the combination of Summer and grandchildren visiting!

  6. Happy Summer! What happy photos!

    My older brother has 8 grandchildren under 12 years of age. He and my sister-in-law pesently babysit for two pre-schoolers, after previosly having babysat for the bolder four when they were pre-schoolers, while the parents were at work. His home and yard look like a toy store/playground, but they love it!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson